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Our thrill-seeking friends at G Adventures use Uberflip to ensure their digital brochures come to life with every page turn - matching the high quality experience offered on their amazing trips around the world.

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Some of the experiences on a G Adventures trip are hard to put to words, or even pictures. Using the Uberflip Vimeo integration to stream video, G Adventures provides readers with an even closer look at some of the amazing, global experiences on the horizon.

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Accessing the Content

People around the world turn to G Adventures to plan their dream trip. Uberflip's geo-targeting digital catalog software allows brochures and flyers to automatically serve up tailored content to different regions - all from a single link. Your PDF flipbook - anywhere you want.

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Reading the Content

G Adventures' audiences are thinking about their next trip every second of the day. Thankfully they can access their PDF flipbook anytime from their tablet, smartphone or desktop via Uberflip's mobile-friendly delivery.

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G Adventures often knows which trips people will book before it happens by using Uberflip's real time stats. The Dashboard shows the trips on specific pages people come back to or post to their Facebook page .

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