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Professionals rely on financial & analyst reports to assess the value of a business or industry. Counsel Corporation converted their PDF to flip experiences that work across all devices.

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Within minutes, Counsel Corporation can convert their PDFs to flip experiences that are enhanced and branded with their logo and colors. Compliance is covered and they're giving investors a great reading experience of their financial and analyst reports.

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Accessing the Content

Since Uberflip reports are accessed via a URL, Counsel Corporation can embed a link on their investor relations page or right into their subscriber emails with third party tools like Constant Contact.

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Reading the Content

Counsel Corporation customers access these reports on the fly, which means mobile is key. Uberflip's HTML5 delivery via the browser ensures that accessing a report is intuitive and enjoyable.

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Knowing whether someone received your report is a nice start, but knowing what parts of the attached report were read offers a new level of insight. With Uberflip's proprietary stats and integration to Google Analytics, Counsel Corporation is in the know.

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