• 15 Custom Streams
  • 100 PDFs to Flipbooks
  • Advanced MAP Integration
  • 15 Calls-to-Action
  • Shout Email Integration


  • 25 Custom Streams
  • 150 PDFs to Flipbooks
  • Advanced MAP Integration
  • 25 Calls-to-Action
  • Shout Email Integration
  • Smart Filters
  • Custom Code


  • All Elite features plus:
  • More Custom Streams
  • More Flipbooks
  • More CTAs
  • Content Attribution
  • API Access
  • CTA Variations
  • Target Streams
  • onBrand Package

Available Add-Ons

Target Streams

Let your sales reps pick and choose the content that best aligns with their prospects’ goals, all presented in a beautifully designed, targeted stream. Target Streams are included in Enterprise plans.

Reach out to learn more about Target Streams

onBrand Package

The onBrand Package lets you enlist the help of Uberflip’s team of designers to ensure that all parts of your content experience stay consistent with your company’s brand. onBrand is included in Enterprise plans.

Reach out to learn more about the onBrand package

Great internal interface that is beautiful, easy to use, and quick to set up. Oh, and great customer service!

Taissia Belozerova Marketing Manager @Xignite

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I was amazed at the personal dedication and partnership our launch was given. It felt like we were Uberflip’s only customer.

Andria Mullaney Senior Digital Marketing Manager @ Blackbaud

We blew the doors off of all previous leaps in improving ROI thanks, in large part, to Uberflip!

Jim D'Arcangelo VP Marketing @Booker.com

Uberflip has become an integral part of optimizing our content distribution strategy. The easy user interface, the quick setup, and the support team who always have a solution is why I love Uberflip.

Merrie Beth Salazar Director of Marketing Communication @ Cox Media

If I move a piece of content, I know that it will be reflected immediately. Uberflip is incredibly simple, intuitive, and fun to work with.

Justin Gonzalez Senior Marketing Manager @DoubleDutch

Frequently Asked Questions

Uberflip’s Exclusive plan gives businesses the flexibility to get more out of their content marketing. You'll have access to robust lead generation tools (like calls-to-action and forms), and the ability to pass contact data from Uberflip to your marketing automation platform. You'll also get access to advanced marketing automation features to track and measure a lead’s conversion journey and generate more leads across your Content Hub.

At the Elite level, Uberflip provides a more comprehensive solution to help you create, manage, and optimize content at every stage of your marketing funnel. You now have access to more robust functionality allowing you to better target specific verticals and personas, generate more leads, and pass behavioral data into your marketing automation platform.

Our Enterprise solution is perfect for large companies and global brands with multiple departments and campaigns, or companies that simply have a ton of content to organize and leverage. As an Enterprise client, you'll have access to multi-user features that help scale and leverage your content to increase engagement, speak to multiple audiences, and funnel unlimited leads directly to sales.

The best way to learn Uberflip is to request a demo with one of our Content Specialists. Once you request a demo, a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to set up a virtual call so we can show you how Uberflip can help you and your organization.

An Uberflip Hub is a central location for all of your content, which helps increase engagement and convert leads into customers. With Uberflip Hubs, you can connect your social media, blogs, PDF's, videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Wistia and Vidyard), SlideShare, and more, creating a beautiful, responsive and social site in minutes. In addition to a well-optimized front-end experience, Uberflip also provides you with a Content Score and in-depth metrics so you can gain insight into how your content is performing over time.

You can have as many Hubs as you need to target different personas, verticals, or as you see fit. Depending on your package you'll have a defined number of Hubs included, but additional Hubs can be purchased if needed! Reach out to an Uberflipper for more details.

A Call to Action (or CTA) is a tile you can add to your Hub that prompts users to take action. There are three types of CTAs.

(1) A Link CTA allows you to send users to another website or landing page.

(2) A Form CTA can capture contact information and sync it directly to your marketing automation tool (including HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and even MailChimp!).

(3) A Gated Content (Overlay CTA) blocks out premium content requiring a user to submit their contact information to be synced with your marketing automation tool.

Uberflip integrates with several services from which you can aggregate content including Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Wistia, PDF content, and much more. In addition to content integrations, Uberflip also integrates with Google Analytics, MailChimp, and marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot. Visit our integrations page for the full list.

We love working hand in hand with agencies. For more information, please check out our agency partners page and contact us.

Custom Streams allow you to cherry-pick specific pieces of content that center around a topic, buyer persona, product or service, campaign or event, and place it in one customized content stream. The end result is a feed of a content mix that is highly tailored. This helps make your content easy to find and allows you to target specific segments of your audience. Your salespeople will love using 'hidden' Custom Streams to engage a prospect directly, while the marketing team can better tailor the entire content experience.

A Flipbook is an interactive version of your eBook, white paper, brochure, or anything else you have in PDF format. By converting PDFs into Flipbooks, you can make them much more engaging, with social widgets, links, and video embeds to name just a few features. You'll get a specified number of Flipbooks with your plan and gain access to detailed metrics in the Uberflip platform that can tell you how well your eBook or white paper is performing. If you're on an Elite package or higher, Uberflip will also pass Flipbooks consumption data into your marketing automation platform.

Tell us more and we'll hook you up! Please fill out this form and we'll review your request.

As long as the "made with Uberflip" marker is visible, then you will have unlimited pageviews. The more your content is read, the better your business will do. If you would like to remove the "made with Uberflip" marker there is an additional cost of $1 / thousand pageviews over the listed limit for your plan.

There is no limit to how many people you grant access to your Uberflip account. Your Uberflip team can include roles like Content Managers, Designers, Demand Generation, Sales Reps, and Analysts. With our Enterprise plan, you have the flexibility to customize user permissions even further!

Our plans require an annual contract as they are designed for a commitment to marketing. As your content marketing scales, you may find the need to upgrade your Uberflip plan. Contact us to speak with a solutions specialists to determine what plan would be best suited to your needs.

Uberflip’s contracts are billed annually by default. In our experience, customers who commit annually realize the full value of the Uberflip platform so they can leverage their content for killer results. Bottom line: your success is our success. We want to make sure that we’re aligned on creating a meaningful, long-term relationship to help you meet your goals.

It's time to build a remarkable content experience.