#LoveWhereYouWork - Meet Tyler from Sales!

October 3, 2018 Julie Whish

Tyler is the heart and soul of Uberflip! He's been a huge part of the team for over four years and if you ask anyone in the office - they'll tell you that Uberflip just wouldn't be Uberflip without Tyler Ryll. He hosts our weekly Fireside Friday chats with his famous radio voice, he walks the office to spread good vibes, and most of all, he knows SO much about Uberflip and all we offer, it's amazing to hear him do his thang and educate people on our product.

Tell me about your role at Uberflip?
I am a pre-sales solutions Engineer. I work closely with Account Executives and BDR's and do a lot of technical demonstrations around marketing automation platforms. I do security reviews, RFP's and overall data protection

What is your star sign?
CAPRICORN (on the border of Saggitarius/Capricorn) 100% more of a Capricorn

What about that sign feels true to you?
(He googles it, as everyone does) He's looked at this so many times.
I'd say - determined, sense of responsibility (he is soft but he has has a hard outer shell & guard him) He's kind of like Saganaki (his words, not mine) - a bit of a hard cheesy crust on the outside but when you get into him he's gooey. He's like a brie.

What is your favourite part about working at Uberflip?
Besides the people, it is the fact I am able to learn new things, grow my career and really be able to dabble into a lot of different fields that in another work environment, would not be possible. Project management, SOC 2, GDPR - it's really nice to do a lot of cross departmental things.

What is your favourite part about the Uberflip office?

It's gotta be the culture! My favourite part is all the surprises - like when it's someones birthday or we are celebrating something. Things that don't need to happen but they always do and it makes working here so special for everyone. These things we do on the regular give people the sense of belonging, even from day one at Uberflip!


What is your favourite snack offered in the Uberflip kitchen?

Balderson Cheddar! (he said very confidently and passionately!)

Anything else? Hard no.


What emoji best describes you?

(Tyler looks at his computer with a very serious face, he is not taking this lightly!)

I'd say these two:

1) Face with a raised eyebrow (because he is always inquizative)

2) The laugh/crying one

If you could choose one song to really pump you up, what would it be?
He's got 3!

Subway Gawdz - Warriors

RDJ2 - Descended from Myth

Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly


Working at Uberflip is...

The greatest experience of my professional and personal life. The people I have met, the friends I have made and the trials and tribulations we have gone through. If I had to choose to do it again, I would in a heartbeat! Seven days a week and twice on Sunday!


Want to work with Tyler and 130+ amazing Uberflippers? Check out our open roles here

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