#1 ranked for top 20 keywords
18% conversion rate on gated assets

Alight is a leading technology-enabled provider of benefits administration and cloud-based HR solutions. They combine data-driven, consumer-centered technology with personalized care and service to deliver a superior customer experience.

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#1 ranked for top 20 keywords
18% conversion rate on gated assets

Launching a New Brand and Website in One Month

A rebranding led Alight to seek help creating a compelling and engaging content experience for their customers. A time constraint of one month meant Alight needed a fast and reliable tool enabling them to house their rebranded thought leadership pieces and industry insights, as well as create new assets to support their SEO presence.

Quote IconWorking with the Uberflip Onboarding and onBrand Teams was an awesome experience. Their reaction time and ability to implement our vision within the hub was far beyond what we could have done on our own. It just wouldn’t have been possible without them.

David Kavanagh
David Kavanagh Global Director of Digital Channels and Innovation, Alight

An Insights Hub to Fuel Lead Generation and SEO

Alight created a resource hub to house all of the content their marketing team worked hard to create. Together with Uberflip’s onBrand team, they were able to customize the design to match their newly rebranded website. The ability to tag and organize content in Uberflip helped Alight to structure their hub in a way that would make it easy for readers to find exactly what they were searching for, while also encouraging exploration.

Alight Hub

Crossing the Finish Line With Increased Traffic, Conversions, and SEO

Alight exceeded their traffic target by 200 percent. The tagging abilities offered in Uberflip enabled them to boost their SEO results significantly, earning them the top spot on Google for their top 20 keywords, leading to the successful establishment of their new brand in the marketplace. Their audience began to engage more with their thought leadership pieces, encouraging Alight to gate these assets to generate more leads. They saw as high as a 50 percent conversion rate and maintain an impressive average of 18 percent.

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