88% engaged target accounts
124% increased conversion rate
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CollabNet VersionOne is an enterprise software company dedicated to agile life management. Their mission is to simplify the process of software delivery by helping organizations scale their agile initiatives faster, easier, and smarter.

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Account-Based Marketing

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88% engaged target accounts
124% increased conversion rate

An Inefficient Way of Storing and Distributing Content

CollabNet VersionOne wanted to develop an account-based marketing strategy to personalize communication to their prospects—at scale. Their marketing team consistently created new content, but it was housed in too many different places, making it hard to locate. This resulted in the sales team being unable to determine what content was relevant, accurate, and best-suited for their prospects.

Quote IconWith our focus on ABM, we knew we needed a way to leverage all of our great content and serve it up in a more tailored way for various audiences, helping sales engage on a one-on-one basis with accounts they were focused on.

Jodi Lebow
Jodi Lebow Director of Marketing and Demand Generation, CollabNet VersionOne

Creating Better ABM Experiences and Beyond

CollabNet VersionOne used Uberflip to create a content hub to house all of their current marketing-approved content. Where previously their development team had been creating landing pages for their ABM strategy, a time-consuming and manual task, their sales and marketing teams could now create customized sales and marketing streams themselves in mere minutes.

Collabnet Hub

Winning an ABM Program of the Year Award

CollabNet VersionOne surpassed their original goal of 20 percent engagement with their content, achieving an impressive 88 percent engagement of their target accounts, and seeing a 124 percent increase in lead conversions; furthermore, 23 percent of all enterprise bookings came from those targeted accounts. This new ABM strategy also earned CollabNet VersionOne the award of ABM Program of the Year from SiriusDecisions in 2017.

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