8x lift in sales pipeline
Series B funding after implementing Uberflip
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LeanData facilitates meaningful connections between data and people in order to connect business to revenue faster. They offer a suite of demand management tools, focusing on lead-to-account matching, routing, and campaign attribution to enable their clients to convert marketing leads into closed deals.

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8x lift in sales pipeline
Series B funding after implementing Uberflip

All the Right Strategy, All the Wrong Tools

With a goal of moving into a more ABM-focused strategy, one of LeanData’s biggest obstacles was creating interest, demand, and engagement across the personas they had identified in their target accounts. Their organizational structure and lack of resources didn’t allow for the quick creation of their ideal campaigns, which would present their prospects with the most relevant information to drive them toward important conversations.

Quote IconThe sales enablement piece of Uberflip has become far and away the biggest use case for LeanData. Our sales team loves it. For us on the marketing side, it’s great to be able to have content sorted in a way that makes sense for us and then have the sales team come in and pick and choose what they need.

Billy Huang
Billy Huang Senior Marketing Operations Manager, LeanData

A Tool That Aligned Marketing and Sales

LeanData’s expectation going in was that implementing Uberflip would help to support their strategic ABM campaigns. After their marketing team built out a content library where they could effectively tag and organize their assets by persona, the sales team uncovered the unexpected but enthusiastically welcomed benefit of Uberflip’s Sales Streams, which empowered them to create unique content experiences to send directly to their prospects using the Uberflip Extension.

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8x Lift in Pipeline

Shortly after implementing Uberflip, LeanData saw an 8x lift in pipeline. They received their Series B funding and began scaling the sales team, who took full advantage of all Uberflip had to offer. They were able to easily curate streams of content for their prospects, which could be sent out equally easily using the email extension. This freed up time for both teams and helped to drive engagement with key prospects.

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