300% increase in form conversions
44% increase in traffic
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MongoDB is the leading cross-platform, document-oriented, scalable and flexible database program designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build.

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300% increase in form conversions
44% increase in traffic

Stunted Campaign Execution

MongoDB’s marketing team had an extensive library of strong content, but no easy way to view all of it in one place. They wanted to centralize their content resources in a single location that could be easily managed, quickly updated, and made accessible to their sales team.

Quote IconBefore Uberflip, this would have taken a long time to put together. We would have to put in a request to the design team to create the page, and plan a couple of months in advance. With Uberflip, it took us five minutes to build our hub, and we were generating leads within a couple of hours.

Francesca Krihely
Francesca Krihely Principal, Account-Based Marketing and Demand Gen, MongoDB

Creating Multi-Language Content Hubs and Event Nurtures in Minutes

In searching for a platform that would allow them to be more strategic in their demand generation efforts, MongoDB turned to Uberflip, which enabled them to quickly create personalized marketing streams that highlighted the right content to engage their target audience. They were able to quickly pull their existing assets into one place allowing their team to effectively scale the creation of targeted content experiences for their various demand programs.

MongoDB hub

A 44% Increase in Average Visits Per Month

MongoDB launched seven content hubs for their core use cases, including events, multi-language resource centers, product-specific hubs, and ABM. They saw a 44 percent increase in average visits per month to their resource hub. They also increased their conversion rate by 300 percent, while staying agile and relevant by using Uberflip to reorganize existing content and publish new content in minutes.

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