Guide The Prospects Journey

Get Meaningful Insights

Passive content consumption leads prospects nowhere. Turn it into a two-way conversation. Ask qualifying questions inside your content to better understand your prospects and how you can help them find what they’re looking for.

Uncover Buying Intent

Activity-based lead scoring and third-party data enrichment can tell you more about a prospect—but what do you know about their intent? Ask questions to understand where your prospect is in their buying journey.

Increase Conversion Rates

Demand gen marketers have to balance lead quality and quantity—but your MQL goal is your MQL goal.

Engaged prospects convert to leads at higher rates. SnapApp gives marketers a way to capture their attention with high-value content, engage them in conversation with meaningful questions, and reward conversions with more relevant content—or the right next steps.

Marketers can use SnapApp to drive conversions:
  • On their blog
  • In PPC and syndication campaigns
  • On campaign landing pages
  • In contact and demo request forms
  • In PDF assets like white papers and ebooks
  • In any content that gets traffic today

Improve Lead Quality

Get Leads Sales Will Love

Generating enough leads is step one. Making sure the good ones rise to the top is step two. Let prospects do the talking and self-qualify or disqualify while they consume your content.

Turn More Prospects Into Deals

Marketing ROI doesn’t stop at the MQL. Even if you’re not directly measured on revenue or opportunities, when sales numbers suffer, marketers can get stuck with the blame. Increasingly, marketers are being held accountable for sales metrics as well.

See it in Action