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Do you customize your marketing messaging by customer name and company, or by problem your buyers are trying to solve? You may be missing a major personalization opportunity.
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Content types

There are certain types of content buyers reported they find most useful when assessing vendors—and others they could do without. Ensure you’re focused on the right ones.
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What buyers need to engage

Your content should be packaged in a way that makes it easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for. Are you serving your buyers the experience they crave?

There’s a disconnect in your marketing efforts

Understand why most marketers’ approach to personalization is missing the mark (and what your buyers want instead)
Learn which types of content marketers are over-prioritizing
Uncover the one key thing most marketers are underestimating when it comes to increasing buyer engagement


of buyers are taking to internet searches to find useful, educational information that doesn’t come with a sales pitch. Are you making the most of your buyers’ attention?
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