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Are you passionate about building amazing content experiences? Do you question marketing status quo and reimagine what the buying experience could be?If you’re using Uberflip to fuel your business’ marketing and sales strategies, we want to show you the LUV!

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What’s in it for you?

Speaking opportunities

Speaking opportunities at industry events, conferences, and media spotlights

Invitation to promote your story on the Uberflip website

Opportunity to showcase your success story/case study on our Hub and Social platforms

Interacting directly with Uberflip’s product teams!

Access to beta features, product sneak peeks, beta-testing access, and contributing content while engaging with the Uberflip brand

Networking opportunities

Building thought leadership with your company or personal brand, while taking the opportunity to connect with other forward-thinking industry peers & Uberflip executives


Public recognition of your great work, featured on our Hub and Social pages

Discounted tickets

Discounts on tickets to various industry events, such as B2B Conferences, Conex etc.

Uberflip swag and more

Exclusive prizes, swag, and awards (Let us shower you with love and appreciation)

How many Acts of Advocacy (AoA) are required as part of the Customer L.U.V Program?

  • Every FlipFan will be presented with fun opportunities to participate in throughout the year. While there is no specific requirement as to the number of Acts to be completed, FlipFans who do complete an Act will be rewarded with gifts and prizes and a token of our appreciation! 
  • FlipFans will receive our monthly newsletter that includes upcoming AoA opportunities they can volunteer for. Although these newsletters will be sent on a monthly basis, FlipFans are not required to participate every month and are welcome to participate monthly, bi-monthly, bi-annually etc – Whatever feels comfortable for them.

What are some examples of Acts of Advocacy (AoA)?

Some examples of Acts of Advocacy include:

  • Speaking engagements at various events/conferences
  • Providing a customer story
  • Participating in a case study
  • Writing an online review
  • Hopping on a reference call

Become a FlipFan today and receive our monthly newsletter to learn more about upcoming opportunities!

How do I benefit from being a FlipFan?

  • Invitation to promote your story on the Uberflip website
  • Building thought leadership with your company or personal brand
  • Networking opportunities to engage with other forward-thinking industry peers
  • Public recognition of your great work
  • Exclusive swag and prizes

There are many benefits to participating in the FlipFan program. You will receive many opportunities to showcase yourself, as well as your company – all while being rewarded with gifts!


Can you say FlipFan 5 times fast?

It is unlikely that you will be able to say FlipFan 5 times fast without getting your tongue twisted! However, we encourage you to give it your best shot and showcase your skills if you do manage to accomplish this successfully!

Who knows? If you send us a video – there just might be something in it for you!

What our ambassadors have to say

Hillary Carpio headshot

“As an Uberflip Ambassador, I get to build my network of colleagues, learn from other top marketers, and share ideas across some of the most innovative minds in the industry.”

– Hillary Carpio

Director of ABM at Snowflake Computing Inc.

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