Uberflip for ABM

Move beyond identifying your target accounts and start engaging them with relevant,
personalized content experiences.

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With Uberflip for ABM you can…

Curate content at scale

Selecting relevant content for hundreds or thousands of accounts can take weeks, if not months. Uberflip can take the burden off your team by serving up incredibly relevant, curated content your target accounts are looking for. You can create any number of custom landing pages on demand.

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Dynamically personalize in seconds

Integrate your ABM intent data to dynamically create personalized content destinations that are customized with a buyer’s company logo, tailored messaging and CTAs, and of course, content curated to only include items that are relevant to the account — you don’t need to lift a finger!

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Accelerate the buyer’s journey

Select a theme for your Uberflip-powered ABM landing pages that’s designed to maximize content consumption. The more relevant content your buyer engages with, the quicker you earn their trust and move them along their journey.

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“Uberflip allows us to be very dynamic in the way we do account-based marketing. We can quickly scale personalized experiences, without IT resources. We can change the messaging. We can evolve our experiences and continue to get better and better at what we’re doing.”

Hillary Lupo Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake

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increase in deal sizes with Uberflip for ABM
increase in engagement
increase in SDR meeting rate
Features used:
  • Marketing
  • Uberflip
  • Form + Link

Uberflip for ABM Features

Centralize and organize content

Import content into one location the entire team can access

Marketing streams

Create ABM landing pages, called Streams, populated with relevant content

Personalizer apps

Dynamically personalize streams with apps from the Uberflip Marketplace
Uberflip AI

Uberflip AI

Predict and automate content recommendations
Form CTA

Lead capture

Leverage custom form CTAs integrated to your marketing automation platform

Uberflip Analytics

Gain insight into performance and how accounts are consuming content
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Quick-launch themes

Choose from pre-built themes to launch quickly and maximize engagement
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Uberflip for ABM is the simplest and quickest way to create relevant, personalized content experiences designed for account-based marketing, at scale.

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