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The Uberflip Difference

1 Uberflip Supports the Whole Buyer Journey, From Awareness to Advocacy—and Beyond!
Uberflip was built for marketers to enable their entire organization to leverage content at every stage of the buyer journey. Because, as we know, the role of content has fundamentally evolved, and it’s not just limited to inbound marketing. It’s critical to everything we do, and it needs to support journey acceleration.

That’s why Uberflip makes it easy for you to create content for every stage, and put it into action. Share content with your internal team with ease, or create personalized content experiences for different audiences on-the-fly.

And not to mention, Uberflip AI enables teams to personalize their content recommendations through machine-learning and intent data to accurately recommend highly-relevant binge-worthy experiences.

Never in the history of our organization has sales been knocking down the doors of our marketing team, asking for more. Uberflip has built so much good will for our marketing team. It’s truly irreplaceable.

Daniel Day Senior Director, Account Based Marketing, Snowflake
Daniel Day
2 Powers Your Entire Go-To-Market Strategy at The Speed of Lightning
Uberflip enables your entire organization to execute on programs quickly, without relying on your IT team for support.

Cutting through organizational red tape and multiple approval processes hinders success. We’re empowering the marketing team to own the end-to-end content experience, from creation to activation. By leveraging existing content for demand campaigns, ABM programs, product launches, or sales enablement, Uberflip provides the infrastructure for organizations to create personalized experiences around your content for every part of your go-to-market strategy.

Because to remain competitive, you’ve got to move fast. The faster you can go to market, the stronger your competitive advantage.

We’re now a nimble publishing machine, providing an exceptional content experience for our audiences.

Stefan Riches Director of Content Marketing, Stantec
Stefan Riches
3 We Give Our Customers Phenomenal, Easy, Fool‑Proof Experiences
Ever buy new tech and the onboarding experience is painful? We believe that every great relationship should have an easy start, and an even better journey. And that’s the promise we deliver to our customers.

One of the areas we are particularly awesome at is getting your existing content into our platform. Whether you’ve got 10,000 pieces of content or 5 articles, Uberflip has native content integrations with leading providers like RSS, YouTube, Wistia, Twitter, and more that automatically import your content and keep it up to date. No need to manually add content piece by piece. After all, we are a platform that was built with marketers in mind.

The team at Uberflip is always willing to go above and beyond for us. They've not only created an incredibly user-friendly product but they go the extra mile to make sure customer experiences are painless (and fun!) with top of the line onboarding and support. As a content marketing aficionado, I love being an Uberflip customer and am so excited for our hub to go live!

Moira van den Akker Global Demand Generation Manager, Trimble
Moira van den Akker
4 Uberflip is the Only SEO Certified Content Experience Platform That Drives Sales, Marketing, and Organic Search Success
If they do SEO at all, most MarTech solutions add a few "SEO features" and call it a day. Uberflip goes much, much further. Not only has the platform been SEO certified, our customer success team has SEO built into our DNA. With Uberflip you get training, customer support, detailed guidance and more to beat your competitors in search results.

Content campaigns often stall when it comes to SEO—it's hard to win search results and even harder to scale organic search. But Uberflip provides an unbeatable foundation and content experience that we've used to held global brands scale at an unbelievable pace.

Nate Dame CEO at Propecta
Nate Dame Headshot
5 (Oh, and also) Forrester Selected Uberflip as the Strongest Platform in the Content Activation Category. NBD.
Creating good content is not enough to break through today’s marketing noise and reach buyers. Content must be activated in order to drive meaningful engagement and results throughout the buyer journey.

We look at this in two ways: buyer activation and content activation. Buyer activation is the act of moving your buyers through the customer journey. Uberflip excels because we help marketers create experiences that drive engagement and self-nurturing. And with that, help activate your content to ensure you're make use of your time and resource investment in content.
Uberflip is a marketer-first platform, recognized by analysts as a tool to enable your growth—and ultimately make your team look good in front of your entire organization.

Uberflip is one of the best investments my team has made. We’ve been using Uberflip for a few months now and our CEO complimented our content, but the funny thing is, the content hasn’t changed that much, Uberflip has just created a more immersive experience that keeps our clients’ — and CEO’s —attention.

Rosilyn Rayborn Director of Content Marketing, Associa
Rosilyn Rayborn

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