Uberflip or Pathfactory? Which is right for you?

We’re excited you’re here. it’s crucial to understand the differences between alternative solutions so you know which one is the right fit for you and we are happy to help you find your best match

The Uberflip difference

We (really) support the entire buyer journey with depth and breadth

Uberflip’s versatility can power all of your key marketing strategies—from awareness to advocacy and beyond!

We’re the only SEO certified content experience platform

Uberflip provides a solid foundation for best-in-class technical SEO, enabling you to maximize the reach and SEO impact of your content.

Our suite of wraparound services are best in class

Ensuring you are successful is in our DNA. Uberflip provides the tools, training, and managed programs to achieve your desired outcomes, now and as your needs grow.

More than a resource center and content hub

From A(BM) to Z, Uberflip’s platform is incredibly versatile

Killer resource centers and engaging content hubs are just the start of what’s possible with Uberflip.

Whether you’re focused on demand gen, ABM, customer and sales engagement, inbound marketing, or all of the above, Uberflip’s versatility empowers marketers to leverage the most appropriate content for every stage of the customer journey.

Marketing stream and resource center

Uberflip puts your content at your fingertips

Uberflip enables you to centralize, tag, and organize content so it’s ready at a moment’s notice—for you or anyone across any of your teams.

Whether you’ve got 10,000 pieces of assorted content or five articles, Uberflip has native integrations that automatically import content and keep it up to date. You no longer need to manually add content piece by piece.

Content tiles with RSS, Wistia and PDF icons

Uberflip is the only SEO certified content experience platform

We don’t just offer basic SEO features and call it a day. Uberflip makes it easy to ensure SEO best practices are followed when content is published.

Our technical options are comprehensive and we’ll help you make the most of them. With Uberflip you get the training and support to help your audience find you at the top of search results.

Uberflip is here to make you successful – it’s what gets us going every day

We’re the creators of the industry’s first content experience platform. You can feel confident knowing a team of 150+ fiercely passionate marketers are committed to helping you drive business growth using Uberflip.

You’ll benefit from a robust onboarding and certification program, 1:1 managed services, and a community of seriously smart professionals to learn from.

These marketers picked Uberflip

Don’t take our word for it — read why our customers use Uberflip

Nate Dame

“Unbeatable SEO foundation”

Content campaigns often stall when it comes to SEO—it’s hard to win search results and even harder to scale organic search. But Uberflip provides an unbeatable foundation and content experience that we’ve used to help global brands scale at an unbelievable pace.

Nate Dame | CEO , Profound Strategy (previously Propecta)
Jocelyn Lo

“Content discovery made easy”

Uberflip has been the answer to our content experience prayers! We had long struggled to find a platform that could help us easily manage all types of content in one centralized location with sophisticated searching capabilities and customizable content experiences. Now, with Uberflip, our sales team is able to easily locate any material they need within seconds—right in their email—and create a beautifully designed, customized content experience for any client in just a few clicks.

Jocelyn Lo | Associate Marketing Director, Sales Enablement , TripleLift
Bri Jones

“A company that really cares”

Uberflip’s customer support is unparalleled. They truly want to know our business and help us achieve our broader marketing and content goals, and aren’t just focused on the platform itself.

Bri Jones | Sr. Marketing Manager , Lev

“Uberflip keeps getting better”

Uberflip is incredibly easy to learn and use even with a treasure trove of advanced features to maximize all touchpoints in the buyer’s journey. What you see is not what you get though as they continually advance the product. Love the revamped analytics and the Site Engager functionality. When I’ve needed Support, it’s been fast and helpful. They have a great team.

Darren Worcester | Senior Content Marketing Manager, K-12 , Blackbaud

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