Buyers today expect a personalized experience, so it’s no surprise marketers have continued to evolve their account-based marketing (ABM) strategies to deliver on those expectations. According to Forrester, 70% of marketers are able to attract and engage accounts, but only 11% are confident in their ability to engage them, making it imperative to understand the latest trends in 2022. 

Join Randy Frisch, CMO and Co-founder at Uberflip as he hosts Amber Bogie, Director of Growth Marketing at Plug Power and Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake, they will breakdown their top personalized marketing strategies and share how they’re approaching 2022. A big topic for 2022 is the power of ABM strategies, the rise of ABX, and how content experiences can power these strategies to engage buyers and drive revenue.


Amber Bogie headshot Amber Bogie Growth Marketing Director , Plug Power
Hillary Carpio headshot Hillary Carpio Director of Account Based Marketing, Snowflake
Randy Frisch headshot Randy Frisch Co-founder & CMO , Uberflip

What will give marketers the edge over their competitors, and how does account-based experience (ABX) change the game?

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