Webinar Summary

These days, buyers consume an average of seven pieces of content before they’re ready to make a purchase decision. And it’s our job as marketers to ensure that we’re giving prospects ample opportunity to engage with the right assets to get them to that point of purchase.

But how can you encourage a Netflix-style binge of your content, and orchestrate that in Marketo?

In this webinar, Jeff Coveney, Executive Vice President at Digital Pi, and Paige Gerber, Director of Content Experience at Uberflip, will show Marketo users how to get the right content in front of your audience to push through the clutter and accelerate the buyer journey.


Paige Gerber Director of Content Experience at Uberflip
Jeff Coveney Executive Vice President at DigitalPi


Your customers live in a world of Spotify and Netflix. And as such, they’ve come to expect personalized experiences. The expectation of personalized content experiences has been set. B2B marketers need to adapt to buyer expectations.

We help companies grow smarter and scale faster with Marketo. Through working with many clients, we’ve developed a best practice framework called the Gold Standard. End result…. Marketing that is repeatable and measurable.