Webinar Summary

Your biggest content distribution and ABM engagement channel might be hiding in plain sight: the emails every single one of your coworkers send everyday. With Uberflip’s new integration with Sigstr, you can turn the thousands of emails your employees send into a targeted content campaign that can supercharge your content distribution strategy and become a powerful tool in your ABM strategy.

You’ll learn:

– All about this brand new high-volume channel for your content distribution strategy

– How to use email signature marketing to jumpstart the perfect content experience for your prospects or customers

– How Snowflake leverages Sigstr + Uberflip to drive account engagement in their award winning ABM program


Brandi Smith VP, Demand Generation Marketing at Uberflip
Brad Beutler Director, Marketing at Sigstr
Daniel Day Director, Account-Based Marketing at Snowflake


Your customers live in a world of Spotify and Netflix. And as such, they’ve come to expect personalized experiences. The expectation of personalized content experiences has been set. B2B marketers need to adapt to buyer expectations.

Sigstr’s relationship marketing platform allows marketers to turn the billions of 1:1 emails sent every year into powerful brand engagements.