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Today’s buyers expect content to be personalized and relevant when engaging in any digital experience—something a traditional content management system can’t easily support.

Why a Content Management System (CMS) isn’t enough

What your CMS can doThe gapWith Uberflip
Build landing pages for a specific campaign, audience, or personaWebDev/IT is required to code, creating a bottleneckMarketers can self publish campaign destinations in minutes
Create static web pagesPages lead to dead ends and buyers bounceOffer buyers a binge-worthy collection of relevant content with AI recommendations
Build account-specific landing pagesEach page must be manually createdDynamically personalize account experiences in real time with intent data
Report on vanity metrics like clicks and form fills using pluginsLimited access to data without IT/BI supportUnderstand content performance and engagement at every buying stage

Use Uberflip to quickly create engaging content experiences personalized to your buyers’ needs

Create content experiences that adapt to your buyers

Organize your existing content into a personalized content experience customized to your buyer personas, target accounts, or industry verticals, so that no matter their point of entry, your visitors will always be on the right journey. Personalize the buying experience from every channel on the fly with  AI-powered content recommendations that respond to each prospect’s behaviors and preferences.

Growco Resource Hub with AI-powered recommendation panel

Launch engaging campaigns quickly

Need to get your campaign launched yesterday? That can be tough to do when you’re hamstrung by digital or dev resources. With Uberflip you can self-publish campaign pages in minutes while still executing within the boundaries of your brand. Oh, and did we mention our curated content destinations promote self-nurturing?

A Google ad leading to a Growco campaign stream

Access deeper data to drive your strategy

Measure campaign results, channel performance, and buyer engagement to uncover the content experiences that are driving results. Understand exactly which content and topics your buyers care about with easily accessible visual dashboards and reports. Drill into data seamlessly so you can optimize results on the fly and drive better pipeline velocity.

Uberflip Analytics screens

These marketers took their CMS further with Uberflip

Don’t take our word for it—read why our customers love us

Dan Lowden headshot

A competitive advantage

I have used Uberflip in my past two companies. As CMO, it is critical for me to make in-depth research, customer case studies and product materials as easy as possible for prospects, customers and my sales team to find and gain value from. We have closed several new customer partnerships because we provide content to them in a unique and customized way. I really like this product, the team at Uberflip we work with and the company in general. Good humans.

Dan Lowden | CMO , Human

Build engaging experiences that keep visitors coming back

Being able to utilize Uberflip to not only put content in front of them, but to create an experience that allows them to move from one type of content or one topic to the next, has really proven valuable because it’s kept folks engaged, it’s kept them on the pages, and it’s kept them not just reading content, but raising their hand and asking for more.

Zach Monroe | Director of Marketing Operations , automotiveMastermind

A truly versatile platform

Uberflip solves some of the biggest, most common B2B marketing challenges all in one place. We’re able to take buyers along a content journey and serve up the content that resonates most with them. And on the back end, all of the features give us the power to optimize SEO, get content-specific engagement insights and the flexibility to serve up content on brand and where we want it.

Hailey McDonald | Director of Growth Marketing , Culture Amp

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