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Predict with Confidence

Leverage the power of AI and intent data to predict and automate content recommendations.

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Personalize at Scale

Provide a one-to-one customized experience for every prospect quickly and at scale.

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Convert Faster

Fuel your funnel and watch prospects qualify faster with more relevant content recommendations.

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60 Percent

Leverage the Power of AI Recommendations, Everywhere

Deliver content recommendations at the right time, in the right format, to the right audience, across all web properties for a seamless experience that drives results.

Suggesting “popular” or “recent” articles is a thing of the past. Instead, recommend content that is most likely to move your prospect along the buyer journey.

Serve up personalized content recommendations on any webpage. Visitors can consume your content without having to leave the page, helping you increase content engagement and time on site.

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Decrease bounce rates and save lost leads by enticing them with relevant content at the moment they are about to abandon your page.

Leverage the Power of AI Recommendations, Everywhere Image
Leverage the Power of AI Recommendations, Everywhere Image Leverage the Power of AI Recommendations, Everywhere Image

We started leveraging Uberflip AI to deliver personalized content recommendations and drive visitor engagement as part of our nurture campaigns. The personalized experience we were able to deliver helped us drive highly engaged visitors, with an average of seven page views per visit. This had a huge impact in helping accelerate prospects through the funnel. After seeing these results, my marketing colleagues are determined to incorporate AI recommendations and the embedding feature into their campaigns!

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Lisa Kenney Principal Demand Generation, Marketing Manager, Blackbaud
Lisa Kenney Portrait
Bring the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Your Content Marketing

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