Leverage the power of AI in your marketing campaigns

Understand what content your audience craves

Use visitor intent data and AI to automatically paint a picture of each prospect and your audience as a whole. Understand who they are, where they came from, and what content they care about.

Financial services marketing stream with AI Recommendation panel

Recommend the right asset every time with an AI content generator

Present a personalized experience throughout your prospect’s journey to improve bounce rates, increase content consumption, and conversions. More content consumed at a faster rate means less time from lead to opportunity—and faster time to value.

Uberflip Site Engager showing a piece of recommended contenet

Make informed recommendations

Dashboard insights aggregate the performance data you need in order to optimize your content recommendation strategy and measure its impact on conversions.

Uberflip analytics screens showing content performance


Personalized recommendations increase the chances of a visitor consuming more content than generic recommendations by 60%
Discover what’s possible when you focus on the content experience, with data from our own customers Read the Report

Site Engager

Extend the customer journey across all your web properties

Site engager allows you to greet your visitors on any web page and device with personalized content recommendations powered by Uberflip AI, leveraging existing content from your hub.

Form CTA with Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot logos
Site engager exit intent popup
Site engager on a page with content recommendation
  • Seamlessly convert website traffic

    Display lead capturing CTAs to highly engaged website visitors, to boost your conversion rates and drive qualified leads.

  • Capture them, before they bounce


    Before visitors abandon a webpage jump into action and entice them with relevant content that will decrease bounce rates and save lost leads. 


  • Fill your funnel, faster

    Meet your buyers in the right moment with the right content they need to self-nurture and move through the funnel faster towards a purchasing decision

Lisa Kenney headshot

3x content engagement from AI

We started leveraging Uberflip AI to deliver personalized content recommendations and drive visitor engagement as part of our nurture campaigns. The personalized experience we were able to deliver helped us drive highly engaged visitors, with an average of seven page views per visit. This had a huge impact in helping accelerate prospects through the funnel. After seeing these results, my marketing colleagues are determined to incorporate AI recommendations and the embedding feature into their campaigns!

Lisa Kenney | Principal Demand Generation , Blackbaud
Hillary Lupo headshot.

5.4x Increase in pageviews with Site Engager

We’ve recently started leveraging Site Engager on the homepage of our website. We follow a very structured format of how we go to market with our products. Site Engager allows us to feature some different content like third-party reports that pop up on that homepage without distracting from the rest of our strategy. Recently, we’ve seen a 5.4 times increase in our pageviews by using this feature.

Hillary Lupo Carpio | Director of ABM , Snowflake

Increase content consumption and execute your personalization strategy with ease

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