Sales Engagement

Close more deals with content

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing by enabling your reps with easy access to marketing-approved content and the ability to discover and share one-to-one experiences with prospects.

Sales Stream and email.

Increase sales velocity with a content experience platform

Boost sales productivity with an internal content repository

Centralize content in an internal hub that exists specifically for sales. Increase adoption among sales reps with easy access to content that can be personalized and shared. Sales reps will be empowered to spend more time selling and less time searching for the content that they need to close a deal.

Uberflip app screen showing Add items to Stream pop up window.

Create personalized experiences for your prospects on the fly

Share demos, product sheets, proposals, decks, and more, in a personalized experience. Connect on a human-level by adding your headshot, a personal message, and customized branding to reflect the prospect’s company.

Manufacturing company's Marketing Stream being built.

Share content straight from your inbox

Access the content needed to move the sales cycle forward, right within your inbox. The Uberflip Extension for Chrome and Outlook makes it easy for sales teams to access content libraries and build collections of relevant content while still on a sales call, without ever leaving their email.

Uberflip sales extension with email

Uncover sales-ready opportunities

Gain insight into what content and experiences are working to fuel the conversations your sales team are having with prospects. Use our sales activity dashboard to identify sales-ready buyers based on true content engagement so you can focus more time on the right opportunities.

Uberflip Analytics screens showing Stream owners.

How Uberflip works for sales engagement

  • Content Hub

    Integrate all your third-party content to create an internal content hub for your sales team, filled with customer-centric sales collateral.

    Uberflip app screen showing how to Add items to Sales Stream
  • Sales stream Sales Streams

    Create personalized destinations of relevant content with company branding and messaging from the sales rep to share directly with prospects.

    A manufacturing company's Sales Stream
  • Sales Assist Icon Sales Assist

    Uberflip Sales Assist enables your reps to find and share relevant, brand-approved content effortlessly within the tools they use everyday — like Gmail, Salesloft, and more!

  • Uberflip Analytics

    Uncover which content is resonating with prospects and which Sales Streams are performing to help sales managers coach their reps to drive better engagement from prospects.

    Uberflip analytics screen showing Sales Stream performance

“The biggest hook for me when choosing Uberflip was Sales Stream. We were creating a lot of great content, but the problem was no one could find the content they were looking for. Now with Uberflip, our sales team can easily gather the appropriate content on specific topics or personas using Uberflip’s custom tagging feature.”

Steve Mindrup, Marketing Manager at Schellman & Company

Group of Schellman employees sitting at desks.
increase in win rate on sales deals
2 minutes
to create one-to-one pages
Features used:
  • Sales Stream
  • Marketing Stream
  • Content hub

Is your customer experience compelling enough to click?

As B2B marketers, the customer experience we construct relies heavily on content and its ability to educate buyers. Download our handbook now for a look at the experiences you need for the pre- and post-sale customer journey to engage buyers.

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