How it works

Build high-converting campaign destinations faster with Uberflip

Enrich your marketing strategies with a content experience platform that enables you to create personalized destinations with decision-enabling content that encourage buyers to self-nurture.

How Uberflip Works - Sales and Marketing Streams.
Uberflip product capabilities flywheel: Experience Management, Journey Acceleration, Audience Intelligence.

Content experience platform

Binge-worthy campaign destinations. Real-time personalization. AI-powered content recommendations. Content consumption insights. Everything you need to scale multi-channel, personalized experiences all rolled into one platform.

Experience Management

Build personalized experiences in minutes

Managing experiences is easy with a single platform to centralize and organize all your content for your teams to access and utilize in campaigns and on calls with prospects.

  • Seamless content integrations

    Easily integrate all your third-party content platforms, such as RSS, PDFs, YouTube, Wistia, SlideShare, Twitter, and more, to build experiences with the right mix of content.

  • Personalized campaign destinations

    Quickly organize content into campaign destinations personalized to your buyer personas, target accounts, industry, or stage of the buyer journey.

  • Real-time dynamic personalization

    Scale personalization by integrating Uberflip with industry-leading B2B data providers like Demandbase, 6sense, Clearbit, and Bombora.


Journey Acceleration

Accelerate pipeline with binge-worthy experiences

Speed up the buyer journey with personalized content experiences—free from dead ends and distractions—that make it easy for buyers to consume more content, faster.

  • AI content recommendations

    Leverage the power of AI and intent data to predict and automate content recommendations that encourage self‑nurturing.

  • Frictionless lead capture

    Turn any piece of content into a gated asset to collect buyer information and drive lead generation—no more dead-end landing pages! 

  • Powerful MAP integrations

    Leverage marketing automation integrations with Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot to track buyer engagement and drop prospects into the right campaigns.

Audience intelligence

Understand the content your audience craves

Uberflip Analytics gives you the ability to easily measure and report on which assets are assisting on the path to purchase and which ones are slowing your buyers down.

  • Content consumption paths

    Understand the content paths visitors are taking so you can promote bingeing and keep visitors engaged, to lower customer acquisition costs. 

  • Marketing channel engagement

    Uncover which channels lead to visitors spending the longest time on page and consuming the most content.

  • Sales influence & insights

    Get insight into what experiences are being leveraged most by your sales team as well as what content has the biggest influence on the sales cycle.

All the features your team needs to create compelling campaigns

From content to campaign destinations to powerful analytics, Uberflip is backed by powerful features that help marketers personalize and scale experiences across every channel.

Uberflip AI

Enlist our content recommendation engine, powered by intent data and machine learning.

Form CTAs

Increase conversions with lead capture forms that integrate seamlessly with your MAP.

Marketing Streams

Create content destinations for any audience with customized layouts, and personalized branding and messaging.
content hub icon

Content Hub

Centralize and catalogue all of your marketing content in a single source of truth.

Sales Streams

Build personalized content destinations with target company branding and messaging from the sales rep.

Site Engager

Reduce visitor abandonment on your website with AI-powered content recommendations.

Uberflip Extension

Enable your reps with content to share with prospects and customers through email.

Martech Integrations

Integrate Uberflip with your marketing tech stack to seamlessly orchestrate the buyer journey.
A team of marketers having a meeting.

Put content to work for your business

  • Email nurtures
  • ABM campaigns
  • Social media
  • Sales outreach
  • Direct mail
  • Virtual events
  • Multi-language training centers
  • Product marketing
  • Online courses
Snowflake | ABM campaign
Snowflake Marketing Stream targeting Duke University.
Fullstory | Sales outreach
Fullstory Sales Stream targeting Visa.
SAI Global | Virtual events
Sai Global Marketing Stream titled Resilience 2020.
Aprimo | Social media
Aprimo 1 to 1 Account Based Marketing stream targeted to Swatch | Direct mail
Collabnet Marketing Stream titled The Value Stream Adventure continues From Agile 2018.
Blackbaud | Resource center
Blackbaud Marketing Stream K-12 resources.
Wiley | Multi-language training center
Wiley online library and training resources hub.
Autodesk | Product marketing
Autodesk product update hub.
Liquid Web | Online courses
Liquid Web content hub titled Grow your business in 2020.

Orchestrate better buyer journeys by integrating your martech stack

The Uberflip Marketplace is a one-stop shop for the apps and integrations marketers need to go above and beyond for their buyers.

Marketing technology stack logos including Demandbase 6sense Bombora and Cloudwords.
Cision logo.
$5.4M of influenced revenue in 6 months
Claranet logo.
200 hours of development time saved per year
Nanolumens logo.
450% increase on lead conversion rate
Aprimo logo
11% increase in content conversion rates on personalized ABM destinations
$51M of influenced pipeline across 14 Content Hubs
sai global logo
15 minutes to build and publish a virtual newsroom
fullstory logo
10 minutes to build a targeted sales destination
fortinet logo
10,000 visits and 300+ demo requests with one campaign
snowflake logo
3x increase in deal size with ABM

See how Uberflip can work to power your marketing campaigns.