A look at what's going on behind the bright pink walls.

The Story of How We've Owned Our Journey

In 2012, Uberflip was created by co-founders Yoav Schwartz (CEO) and Randy Frisch (President & CMO). The company launched with Flipbooks, but a vision to always help marketers create great experiences and own the journey led the company to offer a Content Hub builder, making them the first Content Experience Platform. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, both in team size and product offerings, but has always kept creating an amazing content experience its number one priority.

Why? We believe content is the most effective way to ignite meaningful relationships. But even the greatest content must be combined with a remarkable experience to reach its full potential.

Accordingly, at Uberflip, each member of our team rallies around the belief that our customer’s success is our success and our mission is to help them achieve those goals as they Own the Journey.

Our Values

Our Executive Team

Yoav Schwartz
CEO / Co-Founder

Randy Frisch
President & CMO / Co-Founder

Shannon Dougall
VP of Marketing

Colin Coller
VP of Engineering

Samiksha Khanna
VP of Finance & Operations

Rory Hochman
VP of Customer Success

Lisa Chang
Director of People & Culture

Our Investors

Jay Baer
Convince & Convert

Ann Handley
Marketing Profs

Don Listwin
Cisco, Openwave

Gokul Rajaram
Square, Facebook, Google

Chris Albinson
Founder Circle Capital, Panorama Capital

Jonathan Lister
VP Sales, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Ilya Fushman
Index Ventures, Dropbox, Khosla Ventures

Inaki Berenguer

Tom Predovic
Oracle, NexJ System

Seth Lieberman

Lars Leckie
HWVP, C100

Our Advisors

Peter Carrescia
Next 36, Omers, WaveHQ

Lars Leckie
HWVP, C100

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