Our Story

Starting with Flipbooks

It all started with a desire to create better experiences. In 2012, Uberflip was founded by Yoav Schwartz (CEO) and Randy Frisch (President & CMO). Schwartz and Frisch wanted to improve the experience of static PDFs for both marketers and end-users, so they launched with Flipbooks, an interactive PDF-maker.

From Flipbooks to Content Experiences

Driven by the vision to empower marketers to create better experiences for their customers, they launched the world’s first Content Experience Platform. What started as a Content Hub or resource-library builder has become an end-to-end platform for creating content experiences for ABM, lead generation, sales enablement, and content marketing to meet the needs of today’s modern marketer.

Content Experiences and Beyond

In 2016, the company took on $3 million from SaaS Capital to continue to build out its suite of products and fuel its rapid growth. Just two years later, Uberflip received $32 million in funding from growth equity firm Updata Partners. Today, the company employs more than 110 Uberflippers and has collected a bevy of accolades including being named to the Deloitte Fast 500 in 2017 and Canada’s Top 100 small and medium employers in 2018, all of which is housed in its new 30,000 sq. ft. office in downtown Toronto.

Our Values

Core Values Image (We Are HUSTLE)
Core Values Image (Culture then Product then Revenue)
Core Values (Communicate Openly and with Transparency)
Core Values Image (Create Great Experiences)
Core Values Image (Be Valuable, Relevant and Consistent)
Core Values Image (Give Back)

Our Executive Team

Yoav Schwartz CEO / Co-Founder
Randy Frisch CMO, President / Co-Founder
Samiksha Khanna COO
Benny Rachamim VP, Sales
Chris Petko VP, Customer Experience
Michael Waldron VP, Marketing

Early Investors

Jay Baer Convince & Convert
Ann Handley Marketing Profs
Gokul Rajaram Square, Facebook, Google
Chris Albinson Founder Circle Capital, Panorama Capital
Jonathan Lister VP Sales, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
Tom Predovic Oracle, NexJ System
Seth Lieberman SnapApp
Lars Leckie HWVP, C100

Our Board

Yoav Schwartz
Yoav Schwartz CEO / Co-Founder, Uberflip
Randy Frisch
Randy Frisch CMO, President / Co-Founder
Arun Singh
Arun Singh Vice President, Updata Partners
Jon Seeber
Jon Seeber General Partner, Updata Partners
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