Empowering marketers to create remarkable experiences

From large enterprise companies to small businesses, Uberflip enables marketers to scale how they incorporate content into every touchpoint and remove friction from the customer journey by surfacing the right content at the right time.

Mission and Vision

Why we exist

Personalized content experiences drive business growth.

How we do it

We enrich your go-to-market strategies by leveraging your content to accelerate relevant customer engagement, at scale.

What we do

Uberflip’s platform empowers customer-facing teams to centralize and organize content, create personalized experiences, and distribute those experiences to generate results at every stage of the journey.

Our story

Starting with Flipbooks

It all started with a desire to create better experiences. In 2012, Uberflip was founded by Yoav Schwartz (CEO) and Randy Frisch (President and CMO). Schwartz and Frisch wanted to improve the experience of static PDFs for both marketers and end users, so they launched with Flipbooks, an interactive PDF maker.

From Flipbooks to content experiences

Driven by the vision to empower marketers to create better experiences for their customers, Schwartz and Frisch launched the world’s first content experience platform in 2015. What started as a Content Hub or resource center builder has become an end-to-end platform for creating content experiences for demand generation, ABM, sales enablement, and inbound marketing to meet the needs of today’s modern marketer.

Content experiences and beyond

In 2016, the company took on $3 million from SaaS Capital to continue to build out its platform and fuel its rapid growth. Just two years later, Uberflip received $32 million in funding from growth equity firm Updata Partners. Today, the company employs more than 140 Uberflippers, with the strategic acquisition of SnapApp in 2019 adding to the count. This acquisition and the creation of Uberflip Marketplace have taken the company and platform to new heights.

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