Customer Engagement

Increase customer retention and expansion with a personalized content experience

Immerse your customers in personalized experiences every step of the way. With Uberflip, account management teams can level-up their customer engagement efforts at scale, to help build better relationships, increase adoption, and prevent churn.

Account based marketing streams with personalized content

Drive customer engagement with experiences built with Uberflip

Centralize and manage your content assets with ease

Make the right content easy to find for your account management team by creating one centralized location that lets them discover, package, and share the latest, on-brand assets. With Uberflip your customer-facing teams can confidently and effectively communicate with customers with onboarding, training, and educational content always at their fingertips.

Abstract Marketing Stream highlighting content types with Wistia, Youtube, PDF and Blogger logos

Create personalized experiences for your customers on the fly

Share demos, product sheets, proposals, training videos, and educational content in a personalized experience. Connect on a human-level by adding your headshot, a personal message, and customized branding to reflect the customer’s company.

Distribute customer content quickly

Enable account management teams to instantly find, personalize and share content, straight from their inbox. Spend more time working with customers and less time searching for content or preparing for meetings with the ability to quickly embed content and experiences into email communications.

Uberflip sales extension with email

Be the trusted advisor your customers need

Stay one step ahead of all your accounts with access to strategy-enabling metrics that paint a clear picture of what content and topics your customers are most interested in. Leverage visual dashboards and reports that make it simple to spot areas of improvement and opportunities so customer success managers can make intelligent recommendations to drive results.

Uberflip analytics screens

How Uberflip works for customer engagement

  • Content Hub

    Integrate third-party content platforms such as RSS, SlideShare, Wistia, Vidyard, and more, to break down content silos for more control across channels.

  • Content Integrations

    Create personalized destinations of relevant content with company branding and messaging from the account manager to share directly with customers.

    Window showing content tiles that can be added to a stream
  • Sales stream Sales Streams

    Create personalized destinations of relevant content with company branding and messaging from the account rep to share directly with customers.

    A manufacturing company's Sales Stream
  • email Uberflip Extension

    The Uberflip Extension for Chrome and Outlook makes it easy for your account managers to access content and Sales Streams straight from their inbox.

    Uberflip sales extension app screen
  • Uberflip Analytics

    Discover which content is resonating with customers and which streams are performing to help customer success leaders coach their teams to drive better customer engagement.

    Uberflip analytics screen showing Sales Stream performance

Is your customer experience compelling enough to click?

As B2B marketers, the customer experience we construct relies heavily on content and its ability to educate buyers. Download our handbook now for a look at the experiences you need for the pre- and post-sale customer journey to engage buyers.

Give customers the decision-enabling content they need to close the deal faster.

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