Customer engagement tools that fuel success

From driving product adoption to educating customers on best practices, give your team the customer engagement tools they need to deliver great customer experiences.

Example of Uberflip’s customer engagement software being used to improve customer experience.

Speed up onboarding

Provide new customers with a targeted content journey, engineered to ease the understanding of your product or service offerings. This experience accelerates their journey to becoming fully engaged, expert users, elevating satisfaction levels, reducing time-to-value, and increasing retention.

personalized content experiences

Empower customers through continuous learning

Leverage content to keep customers informed about new features, best practices, and industry trends. Increase customer engagement and cut down on customer support queries, leading to greater product adoption and satisfaction.

customer engagement features

Boost cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Drive additional revenue from existing customers by delivering personalized experiences showcasing relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Back these opportunities with proof of success through customer stories and case studies, resulting in increased lifetime value.

Example of business using Uberflip’s customer engagement platform to build personalized content experiences

Enhance product feature adoption

Leverage content to shine a spotlight on less-obvious product features, encouraging customers to get the most out of your offering. Craft dedicated content paths that delve into these features, leading to improved customer retention and an elevated perception of your product’s value.

Example of marketing-approved content used for customer engagement

Discover customer engagement strategies


How Uberflip works for customer engagement

  • Microsites

    Create personalized microsites with relevant content, company branding, and messaging for the account manager to share directly with customers.

    Window showing content tiles that can be added to a stream
  • Sales stream Sales Assist

    Empower customer teams with easy access to brand-approved content templates based on customer attributes and enable them to share content from anywhere.

    A manufacturing company's Sales Stream
  • Uberflip Analytics

    Gain insight into the content your customers care about. Understand how customers engage with your content so you can optimize the experience and focus on the right people.

    Uberflip analytics screen showing Sales Stream performance

Give customers the decision-enabling content they need to close the deal faster.