Customer engagement tools that fuel success

From driving product adoption to educating customers on best practices, give your team the customer engagement tools they need to deliver great customer experiences.

Example of Uberflip’s customer engagement software being used to improve customer experience.

Build strong customer relationships

Great customer experiences lead to revenue outcomes for your business. Uberflip delivers customer engagement tools and personalized content experiences you can use to drive product adoption, educate them on best practices, and help your customers achieve their goals.

personalized content experiences

Put content to work for your customers

Marketers are always creating new content to drive leads, support sales and help customers. Using Uberflip’s customer engagement features, you can ensure your customer teams find and use the content in your library to build strong customer relationships.

customer engagement features

Keep your customers engaged with binge-worthy experiences

Don’t let your customer get the support they need from your competitors. Leverage Uberflip’s analytics to gain insight into what content your customers care about, and build personalized content experiences that keep them engaged with you.

Example of business using Uberflip’s customer engagement platform to build personalized content experiences

Scale customer engagement with speed

As you earn more customers, your team may have a hard time keeping up with the demands of managing new accounts. Uberflip lets customer teams leverage marketing-approved content to self-publish personalized content experiences, keeping customers engaged without worrying about response times.  

Example of marketing-approved content used for customer engagement

Discover customer engagement strategies


How Uberflip works for customer engagement

  • Content Integrations

    Create personalized destinations of relevant content with company branding and messaging from the account manager to share directly with customers.

    Window showing content tiles that can be added to a stream
  • Sales stream Sales Streams

    Create personalized destinations of relevant content with company branding and messaging from the account rep to share directly with customers.

    A manufacturing company's Sales Stream
  • Uberflip Analytics

    Discover which content is resonating with prospects and which Sales Streams are performing to help sales managers coach their reps to drive better engagement from prospects with Uberflip’s Analytics and Reporting.

    Uberflip analytics screen showing Sales Stream performance
  • Content Hub

    Integrate third-party content platforms such as RSS, SlideShare, Wistia, Vidyard, and more, to break down content silos for more control across channels.

    Integrate third party content platforms to assist with customer engagement

Is your customer experience compelling enough to click?

As B2B marketers, the customer experience we construct relies heavily on content and its ability to educate buyers. Download our handbook now for a look at the experiences you need for the pre- and post-sale customer journey to engage buyers.

Give customers the decision-enabling content they need to close the deal faster.