Sales Enablement

Close deals faster with Digital Sales Rooms

Digital Sales Rooms (DSR) enable your sales team to speed up the buying process by providing buyers and stakeholders with relevant content and collateral. Create DSRs in seconds with Sales Assist.

How a DSR empowers reps and enables your buyers:

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Enable the buying committee with relevant content

  • Create a single page dedicated to closing the deal for each account.
  • Build personalized Digital Sales Rooms in minutes with templates.
  • Add welcome video, materials from your content library, and sales collateral.
Using Uberflip to create digital sales rooms

Get engagement and intent data delivered in real time

  • Get real-time email, in-app, and desktop notifications about content.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your outreach with Uberflip Analytics.
  • Identify visitors and optimize your approach with intent data.
Using Uberflip analytics to identify who is engaging with content

Sync with marketing on approved messaging and assets

  • Get fresh, on-message tagged assets from marketing to power in-flight deals.
  • Adjust Digital Sales Rooms throughout the buyer’s journey to match.
  • Give prospects access to the most up-to-date and relevant content.
Showing relevant content to the prospects

Work seamlessly with the tools you already know

  • Share and manage relevant content right from the apps you already use.
  • Create experiences for buyers with email embeds right from their inboxes.
  • Integrate Salesloft, Outreach, Calendly, Salesforce, Vidyard, Drift, and more.

Why a Digital Sales Room is your next big win…

Enable buyer decision

Help your accounts self-serve and make purchase decisions easier by serving up only the most valuable content, insights, and tools in a Digital Sales Room.

Go beyond vanilla emails

Traditional sales emails leave prospects with too many questions and too little guidance. Digital Sales Rooms help you answer their specific needs.

Sync with marketing

With Digital Sales Rooms, you’ll collaborate with marketing on content creation, messaging, and analytics, so you always have the right resources at your fingertips.

See how Digital Sales Rooms help close deals fast

Digital Sales Rooms have revolutionized how purchase decisions are made for B2B buyers. Check out the Digital Sales Rooms vendor landscape report from GTM Partners to learn why they may be your next big win.

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Sales Assist & Digital Sales Room FAQ

  • How does Sales Assist compare to other DSR solutions?

    Pure DSR tools don’t engage throughout the entire funnel. Sales Assist enhances buyer enablement and drives sales effectiveness. It integrates with third-party tools, offers powerful sales analytics, provides customizable content discovery, and empowers reps to combine marketing content and sales collateral into Digital Sales Rooms.

  • Do all Uberflip customers have access to Sales Assist?

    Sales Assist is an integral component of the Uberflip content experience platform and is included with most feature packages and licensing options. For customers who do not currently have an applicable feature package, Uberflip also offers a pilot of the Sales Assist application.

  • How much does Sales Assist cost?

    Sales Assist is included with most Uberflip feature packages. For higher user volumes Uberflip offers expansion of Sales Assist availability on a per user seat cost basis.

  • Are there a limited number of DSRs I can set up?

    There are no limits to the number of digital sales rooms that can be created by a licensed Sales Assist user.

  • How do I get started with Sales Assist?

    Sales Assist and fostering better alignment across all your go-to-market functions is a great way to get started with content experiences or extend your existing Uberflip investment. Uberflip offers a number of options to quickly pilot Sales Assist, connect with your account representative to get started.

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