Account-Based Marketing Platform to Scale Personalization

Personalized destinations for every account

Uberflip makes it simple to create personalized experiences for account-based marketing that drive engagement, promote sharing across the buying committee, and accelerate the sales cycle.

Ad campaign and corresponding account based marketing stream

Scaling personalized content for account-based marketing has never been easier

Launch ABM campaign destinations in minutes

Uberflip makes it easy to curate the most relevant assets to send to your target accounts. Create personalized branded ABM destinations with account-specific CTAs, logos, branding, and custom messaging—all without the help of IT.


Marketing Stream being built with customization options

Dynamically personalize account experiences in real-time

Customize ABM destinations with our personalizer apps, powered by industry-leading data providers like Demandbase, 6Sense, Bombora, and Clearbit. Leverage intent data to personalize your destinations to match the prospects’ company, industry, purchasing intent, and more.

A Marketing Stream with Clearbit, Demandbase, Bombora and 6sense logos surrounding it.

Unite sales and marketing to land and expand accounts

Align sales and marketing teams around a single platform to deliver consistent experiences across accounts. Make it easy for your sales team to access the right content assets and experiences and embed them into their email outreach, all without having to leave their inbox.

Sales email with Uberflip Extension

Gain insight into content consumption across accounts

Amplify account engagement with insight into which ABM destinations are driving content consumption and conversions. Align with sales and focus only on what works. Connect Uberflip with your CRM and MAP to dig into how your target accounts are engaging with your programs across every channel.

Uberflip analytics screens showing Flipbot metrics

How Uberflip works for account-based marketing

  • Marketing Streams

    Create engaging ABM destinations for every target account with relevant content, customized layouts, and personalized branding and messaging that encourage self-nurturing.

    Account based Marketing Stream
  • Personalizer apps

    Dynamically personalize the prospect logo, messaging, and content of your Marketing Streams with apps powered by Demandbase, 6Sense, Bombora, and Clearbit.

    Demandbase, Bombora, Clearbit and 6sense logos.
  • email Uberflip Extension

    The Uberflip Extension for Chrome and Outlook makes it easy for your sales teams to access your company’s content library and experiences to embed them into their email outreach, all without having to leave their inbox.

    Uberflip sales extension
  • Uberflip Analytics

    With Uberflip Analytics you can gain insight into how your account-based marketing experiences perform and understand how target accounts are consuming content.

    Uberflip Analytics screens showing campaign activity.

“Uberflip allows us to be very dynamic in the way we do account-based marketing. We can quickly scale personalized experiences, without IT resources. We can change the messaging. We can evolve our experiences and continue to get better and better at what we’re doing.”

Hillary Lupo Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake

Hillary Lupo headshot.
Snowflake employee team photo at an event.
3x increase
in deal sizes after leveraging Uberflip for ABM
engagement on ABM destination
more likely to open an opportunity when accounts engaged with an ABM destination
Features used:
  • Marketing
  • Uberflip
  • Form + Link

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