What is Content Experience

Content experience can be defined as the environment in which your content lives, how it’s structured, and how it compels your prospects and customers to engage with your company throughout the entirety of the buyer’s journey.

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Centralize content

Centralize all of your content—blogs, videos, guides, sales collateral, podcasts, social posts, and more—in a single location and deliver it across multiple channels. This also helps you lock down version control and ensure everyone is using only marketing-approved content.

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Organize content

Audit your content and then tag it by a particular topic, persona, account, industry, or stage of the funnel so that it can be easily found, used, and shared. Define what content should be recommended by hand-selecting or using artificial intelligence and intent data.

Marketing Stream highlighting tagging structure for a piece of content.

Personalize experiences

Easily spin up collections of content that are branded, binge-worthy, and, best of all, personalized to your buyers’ interests or stage of the journey. Create experiences like campaign and ABM destinations, customer education centers, and sales destinations. Tailor messaging for any audience, select and recommend content, and include contextual CTAs to personalize the experience.

Marketing Stream being built with customization options.

Distribute content

Map your experiences to each stage of the buyer journey and distribute content across the channels that best complement it. As your buyers click through they will be met with a personalized destination that serves up decision-enabling content that encourages self-nurturing.

Site Engager tool with a recommendation panel.

Generate results

Leverage marketing automation to capture and score leads based on engagement. Analyze insights surrounding your content experiences to see what compels buyers to engage, so you can continuously optimize performance and prove ROI.


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