26% More Profitable
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Brands that use personalization are 26% more profitable than those that don’t

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The 5 Steps

Centralize Content

As marketers, we generate a lot of content—videos, blogs, ebooks, podcasts, webinars, social posts—and deliver it across multiple channels. Because of this, our content is scattered all over the web. To effectively build out a content experience you need all of your marketing content in one central location.
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Organize Content

At the core of the content experience is how your content is organized. Categorizing your content will ensure greater discoverability and ultimately lead to a better experience for the visitor, but also for those internally who intend to use and share your content. Tag and organize by a particular topic, persona, or account, so at any time you can build personalized experiences that mirror a customer’s journey. Define recommendations to strategically engage people with the right content at the right time.
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Personalize Experiences

Personalizing the experience will impact how customers move through the buyer journey, and most importantly view your brand. After organizing content contextually—it’s time for the fun part—creating collections and designing an experience around them, like a resource center, email nurture, or ABM campaign. The devil is in the details here—personalized messaging, custom images, company branding—by creating a better experience around your content, your prospects and customers are more likely to engage and convert.
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Distribute Content

Now that you’ve created content experiences, it’s time to put them into action by marketing them across your distribution channels. Your experiences should be mapped to each stage of the buyer journey and distributed across the channels that best complement it. If the buyer is at the awareness stage and you’re taking an account-based marketing approach you might try a mix of paid ads and direct mail, or if inbound marketing is your focus then organic and social media might be your best way in.
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Generate Results

Just like you’d expect from any other form of marketing, content experience makes a direct impact on the business. By leveraging marketing automation and analytics you can capture leads, score leads based on engagement, and get actionable insights. As you begin to focus on your content’s environment, structure, and how your audience is compelled to engage, you’ll begin to see content reach its full potential, perform the way it was intended, and prove the ROI of your content marketing. That’s the power of focusing on the content experience.
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