About Us

Always be valuable, relevant and consistent in everything we do.

Our Company

We believe content is the most effective way to ignite meaningful relationships. But even the greatest content must be combined with a remarkable experience to reach its full potential.

Accordingly, at Uberflip, each member of our team rallies around the belief that our customer’s success is our success and our mission is to help them achieve those goals. We exercise this belief by always being valuable, relevant, and consistent in everything we do.

Our Solution

Uberflip is a platform for marketers to create, manage, and optimize content experiences, so that content can be fully leveraged by all company stakeholders at every stage of the buyer journey.

By providing marketers with the tools they need to boost engagement, generate leads, and fuel demand generation, they can better leverage content to meet their goals.

We help aggregate your existing content (blogs, social media, eBooks, videos, and more) into a Content Hub and providing the tools to:

1. Manage Content

Aggregate all your content sources in your Hub, reorganizing it into a tailored user experience for your audience, buyer personas, prospects, or customers.

2. Generate Leads

Create and manage contextual calls-to-action, nested forms, and gate content as needed. Feed contact data directly into your marketing automation tool.

3. Automate

Reduce manual work by allowing content to update automatically, scheduling tasks, and creating smart filters to automatically organize content as it's published.

4. Get Insight

Understand what content is working at a glance with Content Score and dive deeper with your Metrics Dashboard. Easily pass content consumption data to your marketing automation platform.

Uberflip can create remarkable content experiences, but it can also help streamline processes and help bridge the gap between content and marketing automation.
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Our Team

The Uberflip team is a diverse and dedicated group of talented individuals. We're passionate about our product, our customers and our space. But we're also fun-loving people who can really rock a pink headband.

Each and every one of us is focused on empowering today’s marketers to make more of their content through building a remarkable content experience.

Yoav Schwartz
Randy Frisch
Braedon Hebert
VP Finance
Jay Hedges
VP Sales
Colin Coller
VP Engineering
Sam Brennand
VP of Customer Success
Shannon Dougall
VP Marketing
Jay Baer
Convince & Convert, NYT Best-Seller
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer MarketingProfs
Don Listwin
Cisco, Openwave
Gokul Rajaram
Square, Facebook, Google
Chris Albinson
Founders Circle Capital, Panorama Capital
Jonathan Lister
VP Sales, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn
Ilya Fushman
Index Ventures, Dropbox, Khosla Ventures
Inaki Berenguer
VP Product at ThinkingPhones, Pixable
Tom Predovic
Oracle, NexJ Systems
Seth Lieberman
Peter Carrescia
Next 36, Omers, WaveHQ
Lars Leckie
HWVP, C100

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