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Lua Emilia
Pet Valu
  1. It's so easy to use, both from a content creation standpoint and for readers.
  2. The new metrics are very comprehensive and simple to understand at the same time
  3. The account team and the IT Support team always go the extra mile to provide information and ideal solutions.
William Vastis

Impressive technology and service.

Game changer for when I need to prepare against my competition.

AND a quote from a recent prospect might be the best way to describe the reaction "I meant to tell you how much I liked the presentation. Very slick."

Tana Kantor
The Green Economy

We have kissed a lot of toads in the eMagazine world and finally got rescued by Uberflip. Our magazines look beautiful on every tablet: iPads, Retina and standard; Kindle; Nook; Android. It also has extraordinary features for us (like the table of contents, links, widgets), and for our readers, (like screen capture, zoom and social networks). Best of all, Uberflip answers questions when we have them. Graciously. Promptly.

Casey Mundy
  • the people! (Randy & Audrey have visited our office many times and are hands-on)
  • the tool! very user-friendly and intuitive
  • constant product innovation
Maxine Levine

How utterly easy it is to upload, create links in my pdf's and send out the finalized link so people can view it.

How amazing the dashboard statistics are to find out how many views I've received, downloads, email shares and more.

And the ability to customize my branding with my company logo, colours and more.

Christopher Novosad
  1. I love the ease of uploading large files and having them appear as flipbooks within minutes. No transferring to dropbox and uploading in several different locations.
  2. I love the ease of adding links, even after the piece has been published.
  3. The customization of the published pieces is fantastic! I can change out a page without having to upload a whole new large file.

Uberflip has streamlined and changed my working life... and I look like a star in the end!

Eugene Bomba

Uberflip has changed the way content can be shared. It is fast and easy to use. And the team behind Uberflip are incredible to work with!

Jeanette Blankenship
Coman Publishing co.

Uberflip is super easy to use, super fast, and super powerful! Our customers love our new digital editions with the interactive features and searchable archive. The advanced metrics dashboard is awesome too and helps us keep tabs on what is working and what people want. Our publications now have the competitive edge that it takes to survive in today's publishing market.

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