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Building and scaling an ABM machine at Fortinet

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Establishing and scaling an ABM practice in an industry where global security threats happen in minutes and information needs to be distributed at lightning speed were hurdles facing the marketing team at Fortinet. Hillary Lupo, Global Marketing Campaigns Manager, knew that a better content experience was at the heart of any solution they would adopt. With Uberflip easily integrated into their martech stack, the Fortinet team was able to rapidly evolve their content experience and leverage it into effective ABM and email campaigns that delivered a seven times higher response rate to business development representative (BDR) outreach and an astonishing 300+ demo leads in 24 hours from a single email campaign. 

33% increase in calls booked with ABM Streams
7x more responses to BDR emails
10,000 web visits and 300+ demo requests in 24 hours

Fortinet is an industry leader in delivering broad, truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure. They provide top-rated network and content security as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric.

They are proud to count the majority of Fortune 500 companies among their satisfied customers.  

Uberflip brings everything together

With an internal content management system, a blog, stand-alone landing pages, and the Fortinet website, Lupo’s teams struggled with directing users to multiple separate places to discover content. Despite a collaborative and willing team, the process was inherently time-consuming and required development resources cross-functionally. This created a bottleneck that limited Fortinet’s ability to quickly respond to changes in the marketing landscape. Uberflip allowed them to consolidate their broad library of content into one beautifully branded, cohesive resource for demand generation, sales enablement, and customer success. 

“The content experience is one of the most critical pieces of any marketing experience. It’s up to us as marketers to make sure it’s a good one.”

– Hillary Lupo , Global Marketing Campaigns Manager Fortinet

“Uberflip’s ability to tag and sort content to deliver custom experiences to our customers was key to developing our model.” ↽Hillary Lupo

With the ability to now scale their content creation and consolidate it into one location, Lupo and her team were able to launch a company newsletter, tap into their attentive audience of users, and direct readers to a relevant and focused content experience in Fortinet’s Uberflip Hub. This newsletter is what eventually allowed the team to activate their database of users and respond with important information about an emerging global ransomware threat.  

In June 2017, many organizations in Europe and the US were crippled by a ransomware attack known as Petya. There was an immediate demand for expert information on Petya’s impact and on minimizing the threat. With Uberflip, Fortinet were now able to quickly put together a customized Content Stream, specifically focused around the Petya attack, and publish it within a few hours. “We can create landing pages fairly quickly, but not with the dynamic interface or RSS feeds that Uberflip offered,” said Lupo. ‘The Petya hub was unique in bringing together outside news with Fortinet content, which had not been done before to my knowledge.’

This lightning fast time to market enabled Fortinet to be first to deliver this high-demand content to its users as the ransomware threat emerged. And the results were tremendous. In just over 24 hours, the Petya Stream was visited by more than 10,000 unique visitors, resulting in 300+ leads driven to their demo sign-up page. The rapid response to the threat, combined with other efforts, led to great customer feedback about Fortinet.

“We knew that ABM was the next step to increase the impact of our programs.” ↽Hillary Lupo

Next up was the task of building an ABM program from the ground up, led by Lupo and her team. Uberflip gave them a method for scaling personalization, allowing them to reach their list of target accounts. Based on intent data from Bombora and 6Sense, Uberflip Content Streams now serve up content dynamically to each account. With no additional budget or headcount, Fortinet has created a personalization framework that delivers a consistent experience to every account. Personalized Content Streams are used as the destination for all touchpoints in the campaign, including emails, BDR outreach sequences, prospecting display ads, and retargeting ads for a great content experience, everywhere. 

Engagement data collected within Uberflip allows the team to see what content is resonating most with their audience, including how much time visitors are spending with each piece of content. The ability to perform A/B testing and refine messaging without the need for IT support allows the team to iterate and improve their programs with ease.

Within a very short time after beginning this journey, Lupo was able to scale Fortinet’s ABM program from 7,000 accounts to more than 30,000. And the results were amazing—including a 33% conversion rate for previously unreachable targeted accounts and a seven-fold increase in the reply rate to BDR sequences. In addition, the team saw marked improvement in the open and click-through rates for BDR outreach emails and a click-through rate for display ads of 2.8 times the industry average. 

“I love that Uberflip is an open-ended world of marketing creativity.” ↽Hillary Lupo

Based on the success Lupo and her team have achieved using Uberflip, other teams throughout the organization, including corporate marketing and outbound marketing teams, are now using Content Streams to create a cohesive experience. 

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