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Flipbook features

A mobile and desktop reader in one

Supercharge your PDFs into branded flipbooks that are instantly available across mobile, desktop and tablets.

  • Your content is seamlessly delivered via the browser using Flash on desktop and HTML5 on mobile
  • Share content via Twitter, LinkedIn, email campaigns or landing pages with no download required for your audience


Customize flipbooks with your own domain, logo, branding colors and style

  • Easily customize the color scheme and styling of your PDF flipbook to match your brand - no coding skills required
  • Share your content via a Custom URL (hub.yourdomain.com) to draw leads back to your site or Hub

Social Integration

Increase time on page by adding interactive widgets like YouTube and allow readers to amplify your content with social integrations.

  • Drive engagement with drag and drop videos, social sharing buttons, widgets, links and more directly on any page
  • No development required - we've got built-in wizards for the most popular web services - connect in seconds!

Sharing Tools

Leverage browser delivery to reach your audience through email campaigns, social media, landing pages and more.

  • Increase visitors to your content by sharing your unique Flipbook URL in your campaigns
  • People will find your content via our secret recipe for indexing to Google for SEO


We take security seriously! Our cloud-based solution allows you to restrict access and protect your PDF content.

  • Limit access to content and even leverage your own database to authenticate users remotely
  • Blocked management for private content - you can even lock our support team from seeing your Flipbook content (Enterprise feature)

Metrics & Reports

Optimize your content and budget via Uberflip Metrics, delivering real-time insight into audience engagement and preferences.

  • Over 30 Metrics and 130 Reports on what's working and what needs to be fixed in your content strategy
  • Track engagement with reports on zoom patterns, page views, time on page, widget interactions and more. Try and get that from a PDF!

Google Analytics Integration

A marketer's dream - connect to your existing free Google Analytics account for advanced content insights

  • Uberflip integrates with your existing Google Analytics account at page-level
  • Incorporate Google stats and dashboards into your content reports
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