Use Case

Content Marketing

Create content experiences to better own the journey.

Easier Content Management

Your content shouldn’t live across the Internet. Bring it all together in one central location with Uberflip. Easily manage your blogs, eBooks, videos, and more to keep your workflows as efficient as possible.

Better Insights

See what’s working and what’s not right where your content lives. See at-a-glance results for what’s performing well and drill down into where people are dropping off in your Flipbooks or what their favorite streams are.

Simple Lead Generation

Connect with your marketing automation platform to collect leads easier than ever before. No need to make new landing pages – forms can be added right into your Hub or on top of your assets.

Create Experiences

Create beautiful content experiences.

Keep your visitors engaged with your content longer. By creating a better experience around your content with easy-to-build Content Hubs or Sales Streams, you can ensure that your visitor’s interaction with your brand is consistent and uninterrupted.

marketing streams

Own the Journey with your content.

Uberflip makes it easier for marketers to control how their content is being used across the organization. From first touch in marketing to closing a deal with sales, having all content in a central location allows all teams to easily access and distribute up-to-date and relevant content.

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