Audience Intelligence explained like a baseball guy

Understand What Content Your Audience Craves

Having the right data is key to creating and optimizing the buying experience. Uberflip gives you the ability to easily measure and report on which assets are assisting on the path to purchase and which ones are slowing your buyers down. By using our engagement insights and tracking sales activity, you can turn your content into an unstoppable selling machine.

That’s a bit of a mouthful, so let us explain it like we’re a baseball guy.

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Insights That Help You Close More Deals With Content

Maximize Data Through Powerful Integrations Image
Maximize Data Through Powerful Integrations

Connect Uberflip to all of your favorite marketing tools such as Salesforce, Engagio, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics to enhance your customer data and allow for better lead management.

Uncover Key Insights to Influence Time to Close Image
Uncover Key Insights to Influence Time to Close

Get insight into how audiences are engaging with your content, which reps are best leveraging it, and what drives success, so you can better maximize content throughout the sales cycle.

Measure Success at The Account-Level Image
Measure Success at the Account Level

Get insight into how your target accounts and key prospects are engaging with the personalized experiences to help you optimize over time and prove the ROI of your ABM efforts.

Features that make this possible:
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Optimize Your Content Experience and Achieve Higher Win Rates

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What is a content experience?