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Meeting marketing targets at Cision thanks to Uberflip

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Cision was looking for a way to personalize the way their visitors consumed content. The marketing team had built up a vast library of content that included more than 300 blog posts and dozens of eBooks, playbooks, and webinars. Yet, despite their efforts, they were failing to meet their traffic and lead generation goals. The solution was a simple one for David Cardiel, Head of Global Demand Generation at Cision, and a three-time Uberflip client. 

$5.4 million in revenue influenced after six months
4x increase in conversion rate
3x more MQLs

Cision is a leading global provider of software that empowers marketing communications professionals to identify key influencers, craft and distribute strategic content, and measure meaningful impact. Cision helps companies reach, target, and engage audiences using a cloud-based platform, and offers social media monitoring, engagement, and media publicity services. Cardiel landed at Cision through the company’s acquisition of TrendKite in 2019. The acquisition brought innovative marketing talent to the Cision team. 

Change the way prospects consume content

One of the biggest challenges for Cision’s marketers was getting the content to market quickly. A time-consuming publication process meant that Cision’s content wasn’t well organized or optimized for prospects in different industries. Their prospects weren’t engaged and, without an easy way to discover more relevant content, prospects were not converting. The team’s lead targets were not being met. Cardiel recognized the need to build a better, more personalized experience to change the way prospects consumed content. 

Create effective CTAs within Marketing Streams

Cardiel introduced Uberflip to Cision’s tech stack to help consolidate all of Cision’s content, organize it, integrate their marketing automation platform, and build demand campaigns for every stage of the funnel. With their new resource center, powered by an Uberflip Hub, the Cision team had a consolidated source for all of their content, organized by topic, industry, and persona. Uberflip also seamlessly integrated into Cision’s marketing automation platform, Eloqua, so converting traffic into leads became easier than ever.

“When we rolled out the new resource center internally, jaws dropped,” said Cardiel. “Our employees embraced the product quickly and were passionate about the platform.”

With the help of Uberflip, the Cision team was able to get to market faster, building campaigns quicker and at scale. 

“Uberflip is doing the work for us, so we’re able to focus our time on assessing inbound leads and strategizing sales follow-ups, instead of dealing with the cumbersome process we had in place prior to Uberflip.”

– David Cardiel, Head of Global Demand Generation Cision

Make sharing content easier

What’s more, following the successful launch of the new resource center, Cardiel noticed that the Cision sales team was beginning to share more content than ever before and, as a result, was promoting the Cision brand.

Within the first month of launching Cision’s resource center, Cardiel and his team increased their inbound MQLs by 3x, thanks to the ability to position and categorize their content by industry, content type, and solution. With strategically placed CTAs on the hub, visitors can easily register for webinars, download eBooks, and request product demos. Furthermore, the Cision team saw their conversion-to-demo rate increase by 4x. 

“Uberflip is a big reason we are now able to hit our inbound target goal each month,” said Cardiel. “It is also the reason our sales team feels much more equipped when closing deals.”

Beyond a better content experience, increased lead generation and conversions, Cision’s Uberflip Hub influenced $5.4M of closed-won business in the first six months after implementation. With these results, Cardiel and his team are excited to build out additional Uberflip Hubs and Content Streams as Cision continues to expand its content strategy.

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