100% engaged target accounts
50% of all content consumption came from ABM destinations
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Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing company. Working with data management, data integration, and business intelligence partners, Snowflake easily brings together data to enable its users to be highly analytical.

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Account-Based Marketing

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100% engaged target accounts
50% of all content consumption came from ABM destinations

Low Customization Toward Target Accounts

Snowflake needed a tool that would enable ABM, allow personalized outreach from their sales team, and give control of the content journey to the marketing team—at scale. Their ideal solution would help them distribute tailor-made experiences to important accounts, and more closely align sales and marketing to focus their efforts around ABM.

Quote IconAt Snowflake, we use Uberflip's Stream Templates to create tailored, personalized ABM destinations for each of our prospects. This increased our speed to publish personalized landing pages by a factor of 7x and enabled us to generate broad awareness in our top accounts that previously had no engagement because of the high level of personalization and timely, relevant content.

Daniel Day
Daniel Day Senior Director of Account-Based Marketing, Snowflake

Putting Scalable Tailored Experiences in Front of Target Accounts

Uberflip enabled Snowflake to scale the creation of personalized experiences through tailored streams of content for their target accounts. The sales team was able to use the Uberflip Extension to embed these streams directly into the emails they were sending, helping to engage key accounts.

Snowflake Hub

Engaging 100% of Their 800 Target Accounts

After implementing Uberflip to support their new ABM strategy, Snowflake saw a 100% increase in engagement across target accounts, as well as 149x more conversions for their one-to-one advertising. One of their top target accounts, who hadn’t responded to previous outreach attempts, contacted the sales team directly after viewing a personalized stream of content, going on to become a customer.

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