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How Snowflake increased their deal size by 3x with ABM

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Daniel Day, Senior Manager of Account-Based Marketing at Snowflake, came on board at a time when the company was just beginning to implement an account-based marketing strategy. Day knew that customization of the messaging sent to each account was going to be the key to ABM success. However, from a content perspective, there was a cumbersome process for sharing content with prospects. BDRs were hosting content on their desktop, and these materials became outdated and irrelevant quickly. Uberflip was a game changer for Day and the Snowflake team. 

100% engagement with 1,500 target accounts
14% more likely to open opportunity
300 accounts driving over 50% of content consumption

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing company. They work with data management, data integration, and BI partners to easily bring together data and enable all users to perform cutting-edge analytics. Day and his team knew that every visitor experience they created had to matter, but if they couldn’t manage to personalize at scale, it would not be worth it. 

Creating an experience that educates and drives value 

So, they started looking for a solution that would scale and help distribute better-tailored and consistent experience across the various touchpoints in the campaign. The new solution also needed to better align sales and marketing to further enable that consistent experience across all touches. More specifically, they wanted a tool to enable ABM, personalize outreach for AEs and BDRs, and get the content off of desktops to allow the marketing team to control the content journey—and it had to provide insight into the effectiveness of the content within the program. 

“Uberflip was the perfect tool to align with our other ABM tools such as Bombora, Sigstr, and Terminus. It truly was the vehicle to make the dream of personalizing at scale a reality.”

– Daniel Day, Senior Manager of Account-Based Marketing Snowflake

In the beginning, the marketing team had a goal of creating tailored experiences for 30 different accounts. As these experiences rolled out as the destinations for display ads, emails, signatures, and web pages, the Snowflake sales team took notice. Since they began using Uberflip’s sales enablement tools and working with Day’s team to create personalized content streams, more than 1,500 one-to-one campaigns have been created.

Snowflakes campaign started with display ads delivered to specific accounts, specific groups within each account, and, most importantly key decision-makers within each group. The ease of integrating Uberflip with other tech stack elements means that Snowflake is able to incorporate audience signals like intent and behavioral data to personalize even further. Engagio is used to help measure each account’s engagement with email, landing pages, videos, webinars, trade shows, and more. “And now, with Uberflip, we are able to use one-to-one tailored content experiences for each prospect, to help continue conversations,” said Day. 

Measuring content consumption to see how accounts are engaging with the Snowflake brand

Once prospects land on a page, Day and his team are able to see how the prospect is engaging with the content. “We want them engaging with the Snowflake brand, so we are measuring content consumption—what are they clicking on, what are they reading, how long they are spending on the different assets, how many pages they scroll through. All of that data is really important for us to capture.” 

Using Uberflip to quickly spin up customized streams of content, and Terminus to help get in front of their target accounts, has yielded tremendous results. 

“The great thing about using Uberflip and Terminus together is it helps reinforce a message without stepping on toes. Our reps can email someone 100 times and phone 20 times, but if a prospect gets a display ad from Terminus directing them to a stream of content that is personalized to them, they are blown away,” said Day.

The BDR and field teams at Snowflake have completely adopted the Uberflip platform. They love that they can use relevant content to create tailored experiences, using Sales Streams directly in their emails. 

“Never in the history of our organization has sales been knocking down the doors of the marketing team asking for more. The alignment is insane,” said Day.

Building goodwill for the marketing team 

Since implementing Uberflip as part of their ABM campaigns, Snowflake has seen massive increases in engagement and click-through rates. In fact, the Snowflake ABM and sales teams were able to engage 100% of their 1,500 target accounts and can identify the 300 accounts that are driving over 50% of content consumption. Conversion rates at each stage of the funnel have also increased. Snowflake was able to land one of their top target accounts with no previous traction or engagement. That enterprise software company is now a customer of Snowflake.

“This is why I love what Uberflip has been able to do for us, and I am really passionate about taking an ABM approach to everything we do,” said Day.

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