Uberflip Extensions

A better way to communicate with prospects & customers.

Uberflip’s Chrome and Outlook extensions allow you to easily access your company’s content library in order to send completely targeted selections to leads and opportunities.

Uberflip Extension

Access Your Content

The extension gives you access to your Uberflip library from your email or browser so you don’t have to leave what you’re doing to grab great content.

Get Visual

Add visually appealing content tiles to your email to get more engagement than ordinary text links.

Share More

Along with sharing individual pieces of content, you can also share complete Marketing Streams, Hubs, and Sales Streams. You can even create new Sales Streams right in the Extension.

Pinned Content

Pin content to the top of the extension for easy access whether you’re a marketer pinning your top-performing content for your reps to see or a sales rep pinning favorites for easy access.

Easy Search

Know what piece of content you want? Search for it right within the app. Still not sure? Filter your options down by Item type, publish date, or Stream location.

Native Application

Access your content library from within Gmail or Outlook or within some of your favorite apps in the Chrome browser like Front or SalesLoft.

Start sharing your content faster today.