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They just want relevant content

Serve up personalized content experiences to engage buyers, connect with customers, and close more deals from every channel.

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Most Go-To-Market teams can:

  • Identify your target accounts or ideal customers

Close the buyer engagement gap with Uberflip

According to Forrester, 63% of buyers will disregard content if it’s not relevant to their needs, industry, or role. Relevant content keeps buyers engaged and moving through the customer journey.

Every GTM engagement personalized to your buyer

Use buyer job titles, companies and industries to serve them relevant content experiences that are personalized to their needs. Ideal for:

  • Account-based marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Sales engagement
  • Customer engagement

Personalized destinations, not generic landing pages.

By focusing on the destination and increasing engagement with relevant content your buyers actually want, you can convert prospects into customers and customers into loyal advocates, faster.

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How does Uberflip help increase engagement?

Launch campaigns quickly

Automatically pull in, organize, and centralize your entire digital content library.

Tag your content for easy discoverability across your company.

Quickly launch campaigns and deploy your content easily without requiring web development or IT.

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Scale ABM programs

Curate relevant content for any demand or ABM campaign into a destination page, in minutes and at scale.

Leverage AI recommendations and dynamic personalization to encourage visitors to engage with more of your content.

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Empower your sales teams

Empower sales reps to create their own brand-approved content experiences for key accounts.

Expertly time followup with real-time engagement notifications.

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Measure results

Gain insight into what content is moving the needle through rich analytics.

Develop a clearer understanding of your customer’s path to purchase.

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Uberflip powers all your GTM strategies
target accounts reached
in new pipeline created
“Uberflip gave our sales team support for their outbound prospecting efforts, resulting in a higher number of meetings booked.”
Kristin Kolb | Senior ABM Manager, Matillion
YoY increase in content-based form submissions
YoY increase in marketing generated leads
YoY increase in marketing contribution to revenue
“Being able to utilize Uberflip has really proven valuable because it’s kept folks engaged, it’s kept them on the pages, and it’s kept them not only just reading content, but engaged and raising their hand and asking for more.”
Zachary Monroe | Director of Marketing Operations, automotiveMastermind
increase in page views YoY
“I’m serious when I say every person on my sales team has told me how much they love creating Sales Streams because it allows them to curate a really personalized experience for their prospects.”
Jennivine Lee Simon | Sr. Director of Marketing Comms & Content, Suki
of the gap filled between contract signing & project kickoff
hours saved on creation & distribution of content to help clients prepare for kickoff
hours saved on prep & meeting time per client
“Having a place to house and distribute content (exclusively created for new customers) in a centralized way is a game changer for our organization.”
Bri Jones | Sr. Manager of Marketing, Lev

Do you have a buyer engagement gap?

Learn how you can create immersive experiences that are optimized for content consumption so prospects can self-nurture and move to a sales-ready stage faster with our demand generation guide.

Forrester report

See how Uberflip can help you engage your audiences at scale with relevant, curated content.