Last Updated: April 3, 2024

As part of Uberflip’s ongoing commitment to the privacy and protection of our customers’ personal data, this page lists the sub-processors that we work with currently. Below the list is an email submission field, which you can use to enter your email address to receive any updates made to these pages.

Uberflip Platform

NameData Processing LocationNature of Processing
6senseUnited StatesOptional add-on. Provides firmographic data enrichment to understand what companies are visiting a Customer Hub. Information such as company names, estimated revenue and industry. Requires an additional add-on and terms of service agreement.
Amazon Web ServicesCanadaCloud Service Infrastructure Provider. Primary data storage and processing location of Uberflip Hubs and Pages.
BomboraUnited StatesOptional Add-On. Provides real time content recommendations for Customer Website Audiences based on the Bombora Data Collective. Requires an additional add-on and terms of service agreement.
FullstoryUnited StatesRequires the SalesAssist add-on. Analytics provider that measures how effectively Uberflip customers are using the add-on.
Google AnalyticsUnited StatesPlatform audience analytics visualization provider.
LookerCanadaPlatform audience analytics visualization provider.
MarketPlace By DesignUnited StatesOptional: Requires the use of the Uberflip Marketplace and replaces OpenChannel; vendor has taken over OpenChannel’s infrastructure due to the company’s purchase by Square which is no longer offering the service Manages the add-on Marketplace within the Uberflip Platform. Tracks what add-ons are installed within a Customer Account and Hub.
New RelicUnited StatesPlatform performance monitoring. resource utilization, response times, and transaction throughput.
HerokuUnited StatesHosts the Marketplace add-ons that are able to be installed within the Uberflip Platform.
Pendo.ioUnited StatesAnalytics provider that measures how effectively Uberflip customers are using the platform to improve usability.
SendgridUnited StatesProvides Email notifications surrounding activities and events occurring within the Uberflip Platform.
SnowflakeCanadaPlatform audience analytics database.
CloudinaryUnited StatesDigital Asset Manager for uploaded images and content.
FilestackUnited StatesFile upload platform used by Sales Assist.
SidemailEurope Email notification platform used by Sales Assist.

Internal Sub-Processors (Uberflip)

The Following Sub Processors Assist Uberflip in providing business operations support services

NameData Processing LocationNature of Processing
CatalystUnited StatesCustomer Relationship Management and Success platform.
Google WorkspaceUnited StatesOffice productivity (e.g. Email, Documents, Spreadsheets)
FusebillCanada / United StatesInvoicing and billing services
AtlassianUnited StatesDeveloper work management and knowledge sharing platform. May contain customer information regarding work tickets to address specific issues.
MarketoUnited StatesTrack lead engagement with data when users submit forms, on Uberflip’s marketing websites.
NetsuiteUnited StatesCustomer, Vendor Management Invoicing and billing services.
SalesforceUnited StatesCustomer Relationship management Services.
SlackUnited StatesEmployee business communications.
ZenDeskUnited StatesCustomer support Management system. Used for managing service issues reported by customers.
StackMoxieUnited StatesMarketing QA Automation, Testing and Alerting platform for customer relationship management.

Internal Sub-Processors (Upcoming)

NameData Processing LocationNature of Processing

Uberflip Affiliates

Affiliates are entities that represent Uberflip in different countries.

NameData Processing LocationNature of Processing
Uberflip USA, Inc.United StatesThe US entity for Uberflip’s operations:
  • Development Services
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Success


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