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Pages enables marketers to have the flexibility, agility, and control to activate and optimize relevant [content-centered] campaigns.

User creating a web page with drag-and-drop no-code experience in Uberflip Pages.

How Flexible Pages Supercharge Content Relevance:

Speed up your go-to-market

  • Create unique web page destinations to host curated content.
  • Launch quickly with a template-based approach to web page design.
  • Tailor and reuse out-of-the-box use case focused page templates.
Examples of templates available in Uberflip Pages for different purposes such as Account-based Marketing, Demand Generation, and Resource Hub

Maintain brand alignment

  • Ensure that content is presented to prospects and customers with the context to be engaging.
  • Curate content based on use case, target audience or other goals and enhance the experience with simple to use web page design tools.
  • Host curated content in unique pages that support specific engagement goals.
Example of Uberflip’s versatility to keep brand consistency and alignment on web pages.

No technical knowledge required

  • A What You See Is What You Get design experience to see exactly how a web page will look as it’s being designed.
  • Create professional-looking web pages without knowing HTML, javascript or other code.
Example of Uberflip Pages customization features to build web pages with no-code drag-and-drop experience.

A perfect complement to the rest of your stack

  • Harness the data from Marketing Automation, CRM and Intent platforms.
  • Build experiences in the same place where your content lives to streamline content activation.
  • Measure success with real-time data.
Example of a web page built using Uberflip Pages and leveraging data from a Marketing Automation Platform to personalize the user experience.

The right content with the right context accelerates the buyer journey across every use case…

Demand Generation

Re-imagine marketing landing pages by including curated bingeable content as a centerpiece for webpage engagement, while still using accepted landing page design best practices.


Build account specific content destinations leveraging contextual, text, images and other assets to frame curated content encouraging higher engagement and easier content binging.

Lead Generation

Allow visitors to browse through a full library of marketing resources with a structured “Netflix-like” experience. Curate content for each visitor or use categories and tags to recommend content based on visitors’ preferences and experiences.

Pages FAQ

  • Will there be an extra cost for Pages or will it be part of the platform and available as part of all packages?

    Pages is part of the Uberflip platform and as such does not carry a specific extra cost. However, the number of pages published is one of the usage metrics that can influence subscription cost.

  • How does Pages compare with other similar technologies such as Webflow?

    Webflow, and other CMSs such as WordPress, are platforms offering flexibility to create any type of website. Uberflip Pages is a feature of Uberflip platform purpose-built to help create pages specifically for hosting content experiences. Pages helps to amplify Uberflip’s content activation, personalization, and content analytics capabilities.

  • When will Pages be available to all Uberflip customers?

    Our team is proud to announce that after a successful Beta program, Pages will officially launch on August 1st. To ensure a seamless transition and onboarding process for every customer, we’re taking a phased approach rolling out the new feature accordingly to the complexity of customers’ use cases.

  • When will Pages be available for new customers?

    New customers onboarded after the public launch of Pages will have it as part of their implementation.

  • How are Pages different from Streams?

    Pages is a drag-and-drop design tool that enables the effortless creation of stunning, on-brand pages in a matter of minutes.

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