Uberflip for Sales

Let your content help you close the deal.

Uberflip for Sales
Uberflip for Sales
Uberflip for Sales

Fuel your conversations with relevant content .

Connect with your prospects better by easily accessing your company’s library of content straight from your email client.



Create collections of content targeted towards your prospects to spark more meaningful conversations.


By accessing content through Chrome and Outlook extensions, reps can share relevant information from where they already are.


Since content is selected from the marketing team’s library within Uberflip, reps can rest assured that what they are selecting is relevant to their audiences and up-to-date.

List of Features

Unlimited Sales Streams

With Uberflip for Sales, each seat receives unlimited Sales Streams to create better collections of content to send to prospects, all in a branded and personalized experience.

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Uberflip for Sales doesn’t add another tool into the sales team’s stack, it just enhances what they already have. Sales reps can easily access content from within their email or web applications in Chrome making their messages to prospect relevant, current, and engaging.

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Content Metrics

Sales or marketing teams can run reports on how items are being viewed in Sales Streams giving better insights to both teams on what works and what should be adjusted in outreach strategies.

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Sales Activity Analytics

Maximize your Sales Enablement ROI by seeing which teams and reps are best utilizing your content. Understand how content is being leveraged and what drives success, so you can better train and maximize content usage and best practices.

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Uberflip for Sales
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Sales Metrics

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