Site Engager

AI-Powered Content Recommendations on Your Website

Serve up AI-powered recommendations on your website. With Uberflip Site Engager, greet visitors with personalized content that compels them to engage, self-nurture, and move faster through the buying journey.

Increase Visitor Engagement

Greet your visitors with relevant, AI-powered content recommendations at the point where they’re most likely to consume it.

Improve Conversions

Drive conversions by displaying relevant calls-to-action when visitors are most engaged.

Accelerate Your Funnel

Make it easier for prospects to self-nurture and move faster through your funnel.

Easy to Install

Get up and running in seconds. Serve up engaging content experiences on your website, right from within the Uberflip platform. No additional coding or development resources required.

Recommended Content on any Page

Leverage existing content items in your Uberflip Hub and display them on any webpage in the form of engaging content recommendations.

Drive On-site Consumption

Visitors can consume your content without having to leave their current webpage. This allows for a seamless experience that will help you increase content engagement and time on site.

Intent-Based Recommendations Powered by Uberflip AI

Automatically serve up personalized content recommendations based on a visitor’s intent and previous web browsing history. Blend science and marketing strategy to engage your visitor with a tailor-made experience.

Include a CTA to Fuel Lead Generation

Display lead capturing CTAs to highly engaged visitors, increasing your conversion rates and driving qualified leads.  

Capture Abandoning Visitors

Decrease bounce rates and save potentially lost leads by enticing them with relevant content at the moment they are about to abandon your website.

Engage on Any Device

Recommendations are fully responsive to ensure they are reaching your visitors, even on mobile devices.

Engage your website visitors with relevant content recommendations.