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Engage Accounts with Personalized Content Experiences

Uberflip makes it simple to deliver truly personalized content experiences at scale that promote engagement, shorten sales cycles, and drive better results for ABM programs.

Deliver Relevant Content

With your content library at your fingertips, Uberflip makes it easy to curate the most relevant assets to send to your target accounts.

Personalized Destinations

Drive your accounts to digital destinations complete with account-specific CTAs, branding, and custom messaging to promote conversion.

Align Sales and Marketing

Make it easy for your reps to find and distribute the right marketing content in an engaging experience to accelerate the buyer journey.

Create Personalized Experiences at Scale


Uberflip’s Stream Templates give marketers the power to create personalized, branded ABM experiences in minutes. With easy-to-use design tools, you can upload a custom banner image, provide personalized messaging, and branded colors—without custom code or the help of IT.

Organize Content Contextually

Uberflip makes it easy to leverage existing content for ABM experiences. Easily tag your content by industry, buyer persona, vertical, or account, then use Uberflip’s Smart Filters to automatically build relevant streams of content for your key accounts.

Empower Sales Reps with Content

Better align your sales and marketing teams around a single content platform, optimized for account-based marketing. Uberflip Extensions make it easy for your sales team to access the right content assets and experiences for every account and embed them into their email outreach, all without having to leave their inbox.

Prove Your ROI

Attribute sales revenue back to content engagement and prove the value of your investment in content experiences. Get insight into how your content experiences perform through the Uberflip’s Metrics Dashboard. Engagement activity related to an ABM stream can be easily segmented in your marketing automation platform and tools like Google Analytics, Engagio and Brightfunnel. This makes it easy for you to measure the impact of your personalized experiences, optimize over time and prove the ROI on your ABM efforts.


At Snowflake, we use Uberflip's Stream Templates to create tailored, personalized ABM destinations for each of our prospects. This increased our speed to publish personalized landing pages by a factor of 7x and enabled us to generate broad awareness in our top accounts that previously had no engagement because of the high level of personalization and timely, relevant content.

Daniel DaySnowflake, Director, Account Based Marketing

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