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With your content library at your fingertips, Uberflip makes it easy to curate the most relevant assets to send to your target accounts.

Personalized Destinations Icon Personalized Destinations

Drive your accounts to digital destinations complete with account-specific CTAs, branding, and custom messaging to promote conversion.

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Make it easy for your reps to find and distribute the right marketing content in an engaging experience to accelerate the sales cycle.

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Create Personalized Destinations at Scale

Uberflip’s Marketing Streams give marketers the power to create personalized, branded ABM experiences in minutes. With easy-to-use design tools, you can upload a custom banner image, provide personalized messaging, and branded colors—without custom code or the help of IT.

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At Snowflake, we use Uberflip's Stream Templates to create tailored, personalized ABM destinations for each of our prospects. This increased our speed to publish personalized landing pages by a factor of 7x and enabled us to generate broad awareness in our top accounts that previously had no engagement because of the high level of personalization and timely, relevant content.

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Daniel Day Senior Director, Account Based Marketing, Snowflake
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