Use Case

Account-Based Marketing

Create better ABM campaigns in no time.

Targeted Content

A successful ABM campaign comes down to showing the right account the right content. With your entire content library right at your fingertips, selecting the right assortment of assets has never been easier.

Personalized Messaging

Show your key accounts you’re focused on them. Add personalized messaging to your content streams relevant to your recipients’ interests and pain points.

Easy Distribution

Running multiple ABM campaigns can result in lots of emails going out to different accounts. Make sending content in your messages a breeze with easy distribution options.

marketing streams

Create targeted streams of content.

Send your accounts directly to the content they want to read. With Sales and Marketing streams, you can select multiple pieces of relevant content from your entire library to share with prospects or existing accounts.

tag icon

Keep content organized by account.

Use Uberflip’s Tag and Smart Filters features to keep track of content relevant to your accounts. Simply tag new pieces of content with the account name and your Smart Filters will take care of putting it in the right location.

easily shared

Embed your content in emails to your accounts.

If your sales team is sending one-to-one email, quickly grab the content you need and embed it in your message with Uberflip’s Chrome or Outlook extensions. Sending to a larger list? Simply grab embed code to add to any message sent in your email tool of choice.

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