Experiences That Convert

Make the click count by creating personalized destinations for your demand generation campaigns, in minutes, not hours.

Encourage Self-Nurturing

Remove friction in the buyer journey by serving content up in personalized experiences that encourage self-nurturing.

Track Engagement

Measure the success of campaign destinations in one place including buyer engagement, conversions, and movement through different workflows.

Create Binge-Worthy Campaign Destinations

Uberflip Marketing and Sales Streams make the ideal email, ad, social, or event destination for you to personalize and scale your demand generation campaigns. Uberflip allows you to create streams customized for your audiences in minutes, that encourage content binging.

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The personalized experience we were able to deliver with Uberflip helped us drive highly engaged visitors, with an average of 7 page views per visit. This had a huge impact in helping accelerate prospects through the funnel.

Lisa Kenney Portrait
Lisa Kenney Principal Demand Generation, Marketing Manager, Blackbaud
Lisa Kenney Portrait

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