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Content Marketing

Learn how these companies took their content to the next level with personalized experiences.

Demand Generation

These companies were able to easily build and launch new campaigns that impacted bottom-line revenue.

Account-Based Marketing

Uberflip made it simple for these companies to deliver truly personalized ABM experiences at scale.

Sales Enablement

Discover how these companies took their prospects from top to bottom of the funnel.


"We started leveraging Uberflip AI to deliver personalized content recommendations and drive visitor engagement as part of our nurture campaigns. The personalized experience we were able to deliver helped us drive highly engaged visitors, with an average of 7 page views per visit. This had a huge impact in helping accelerate prospects through the funnel."

Lisa Kenney
Lisa Kenney Sr. Principal Demand Generation Manager at Blackbaud

"Uberflip is one of the best investments my team has made. We’ve been using Uberflip for a few months now and our CEO complimented our content, but the funny thing is, the content hasn’t changed that much, Uberflip has just created a more immersive experience that keeps our clients’ — and CEO’s —attention."

Rosilyn Rayborn
Rosilyn Rayborn VP of Brand and Content at Associa

"Our Sales team has been huge advocates for Uberflip for Sales it takes the weight off of attaching multiple links and attachments into emails and has transferred the interaction to a personalized microsite where customers can book meetings instantly. Our ISR and sales team loves that they get pinged on slack every time someone visits their page or views content."

Lauren Volpi
Lauren Volpi Digital Marketing Director at Pivotal

"Uberflip allows us to scale tailered ABM experiences in less than 10 minutes.Never in the history of our organization has sales been knocking down the doors of our marketing team, asking for more. Uberflip has built so much good will for our marketing team. It’s truly irreplaceable."

Daniel Day
Daniel Day Senior Director of Account Based Marketing at Snowflake

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