Uberflip Campaign Essentials

Uberflip Campaign Essentials is the quickest way to create incredible campaign destinations to power all of your ABM and demand initiatives.

Uberflip for campaigns

Launch more marketing campaigns, faster than ever before

Create destinations for your ABM and demand campaigns in minutes

Build beautiful campaign destinations faster than you can say go-to-market with your demand generation strategy. Uberflip Campaign Essentials allows marketers to easily create digital destinations complete with personalized content, messaging, CTAs, and custom branding—without any help from IT.


Uberflip Marketing and Sales Streams with customization options

Dynamically personalize destinations with insights from leading data providers

Achieving true personalization at scale has never been easier. Using our personalizer apps powered by industry-leading data providers like Demandbase, 6Sense, Bombora, Clearbit and Rollworks to ensure every buyer gets a unique experience personalized to their company, industry, purchasing intent, and more

Data provider integration logos

Turn any visitor into an engaged lead

With CTAs that sync directly with your MAP, Uberflip Campaign Essentials will help you drive more conversions from your content by turning any piece of content into a lead generating asset. Coupled with AI-powered content recommendations, you’ll get your buyers bingeing on your content and moving along the path to purchase faster.

Leverage audience insights to optimize experiences based on behavior

Use Uberflip’s powerful analytics suite to uncover which campaigns are driving consumption and conversions. By connecting Uberflip with your MAP, you can get granular and see how your buyers are engaging with your programs across every channel.

Uberflip Analytics screens

Put content to work for your business

  • Email nurtures
  • ABM campaigns
  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Direct mail
  • Virtual events
  • Webinars
  • Product marketing
Snowflake | ABM campaign
Snowflake Marketing Stream targeting Duke University.
CrowdRriff | Webinar
crowdriff webinar destination
SAI Global | Virtual events
Sai Global Marketing Stream titled Resilience 2020.
Aprimo | Social media
Aprimo 1 to 1 Account Based Marketing stream targeted to Swatch
Digital.ai | Direct mail
Collabnet Marketing Stream titled The Value Stream Adventure continues From Agile 2018.
Autodesk | Product marketing
Autodesk product update hub.

“Uberflip allows us to be very dynamic in the way we do account-based marketing. We can quickly scale personalized experiences, without IT resources. We can change the messaging. We can evolve our experiences and continue to get better and better at what we’re doing.”

Hillary Lupo Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake

Hillary Lupo headshot.
Snowflake employee team photo at an event.
3x increase
in deal sizes after leveraging Uberflip for ABM
engagement on ABM destination
more likely to open an opportunity when accounts engaged with an ABM destination
Features used:
  • Marketing
  • Uberflip
  • Form + Link

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Launch campaigns in minutes—not weeks

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Personalize the buyer journey at scale

Encourage self-nurturing with binge-worthy experiences

Identify sales-ready buyers

Generate results

Understand the content your audiences crave

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